6-8 February 2019
Europe/Paris timezone

Call for Abstracts

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Oral presentation are welcomed on the following topics:
1- Status of the upgrade of LISE, foreseen detector developments
2- Highlights of the last two MUST2 campaigns. Future opportunities revealed from the obtained results.
3- Future experimental programs on direct reactions with MUST2 / GRIT detectors coupled to EXOGAM2 / PARIS. Complementarity with the MUGAST program.
4- Possible campaign of experiments using Coulomb excitation and inelastic scattering.
5- Follow up of the ACTAR TPC campaign (with or without gamma detection, in a standalone or in a “Tandem mode”…)
6- Other ideas of scientific programs and technical developments (e. g. use of new gas or cryogenic targets, new combination of detectors, FAZIA ..)

The call for abstracts is open
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