Guest House (GANIL)

Guest House


Bvd Henri Becquerel 14000 Caen

The LISE Workshop will be organized from February 6 (1:30 pm) to February 8 (12 am) 2019 at the GANIL guesthouse. It aims at preparing the next call for experiment and defining the LISE scientific program and technical developments for the next 4 years.

The scientific topics addressed by this workshop will be dealing with shell evolution, nuclear clustering and pairing, physics at the drip lines, nuclear astrophysics, soft/giant/collective modes, exotic decay modes and reaction mechanisms.

During these 2 days, a number of oral presentations will be given with ample time for discussions: see the program below (pdf file).

A social dinner will be organized on February 7th.



  • Adam Maj
  • Alice Mentana
  • Christelle Stodel
  • Cristina Petrone
  • Dieter Ackermann
  • Emmanuel Clement
  • Francois de Oliveira
  • Gheorghe Iulian STEFAN
  • Giuseppe Verde
  • jaromir mrazek
  • Jean-Charles THOMAS
  • Jean-Eric Ducret
  • Jesus Pereira Lopez
  • Julien GIBELIN
  • Julien Piot
  • Louis Lalanne
  • Marcella Grasso
  • Marco La Cognata
  • Marek Lewitowicz
  • Marlène Assié
  • Michal Ciemala
  • Mihai Stanoiu
  • Nicolas de Séréville
  • olivier sorlin
  • Omar kamalou
  • Predrag Ujic
  • Razvan Lica
  • Shumpei KOYAMA
  • Stefana Calinescu
  • Stéphane Grévy
  • Thomas ROGER
  • Valérian Alcindor
  • Yorick Blumenfeld
  • Ángel-Miguel Sánchez-Benítez
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