Daniel Sudarsky, "The measurement problem in quantum theory and possible implications for the expectations of primordial tensor modes from inflation"



Inflationary cosmology’s  account for the emergence of the seeds of structure in  the universe    out of  primordial quantum fluctuations is  empirically successful  as  far  as the so called   scalar modes is  concerned,  but the situation is  no so clear  regarding the tensor modes. On the other hand,  the usual  account has some  serious conceptual  problems, connected to the   quantum  macro-objectification  question ( usually known as  the measurement problem in quantum theory).  In the search for an approach to resolve  the latter,  we  find  substantially  modified  predictions  (with  respect to the standard ones)  for one of the observables,  specifically  the estimates for  the amplitude and shape of  the  spectrum of   primordial  gravity  waves.  This is  an  interesting example,  where considerations that might have been  initially  thought  to  be  “just of philosophical interest”   actually  led  to  novel and  (so far  better) predictions for empirical  facts.   


Keywords: quantum theory, cosmology, inflation, evolution of the universe

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