The Itzykson Meeting is held every year in Saclay to honour the memory of Claude Itzykson. The 24th edition of this meeting, to take place on June 5-7 2019, is devoted to Effective Field Theorie in Cosmology, Gravitation and Particle Physics.

Organizing commitee: Brando Bellazzini, John Joseph Carrasco and Filippo Vernizzi


The workshops is supported by the Programmes Nationaux GRAM and PNCG of CNRS/INSU with INP and IN2P3 cofunded by CEA and CNES, by the IPhT of CEA-Saclay, by the Université Paris-Saclay, by P2IO and by the ERC starting grant "preQFT: Strategic Predictions for Quantum Field Theories"

IPhT CEA-Saclay
Amphitheatre Claude Bloch
Orme des Merisiers Batiment 774 F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette France
No conference fees