5-7 November 2018
Palais du Pharo
Europe/Paris timezone

The Joint Role of LISA and the Electromagnetic Sector

5 Nov 2018, 17:05
Salle La Major (Palais du Pharo)

Salle La Major

Palais du Pharo

58 boulevard Charles Livon 13007 MARSEILLE


Daniel D'Orazio (Harvard University)


LISA will pin down the merger rate of massive black hole binaries (MBHBs) with mass less than 10 million solar masses. But what happens in the life of a MBHB before it enters the LISA band? Wrapped up in this question is uncertain gas physics and many-body gravitational dynamics acting at the centers of galactic nuclei where MBHBs form and merge. This intriguing part of MBHB evolution, at the sub-parsec separation scale, can be directly probed via EM signatures of MBHBs. I will discuss a few promising EM signatures and techniques for identifying MBHBs at sub-parsec orbital separations. EM identification could provide predictions for the LISA merger rate before LISA flies. But, importantly, even after LISA flies, EM identification would serve as a pillar of a new field of MBHB demography, complimentary to GW detection, allowing us to maximize our understanding of MBHBs and their astrophysical environments.

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