November 19, 2018
Amphi Charpak, Jussieu, Sorbonne Université
Europe/Paris timezone

program and links to the video recordings

One-day meeting on transgenerational epigenetic inheritance  

november 19

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09:00-9:30 Welcome tea and coffee    
09:30-9:40 Opening session      
09:40 Vincent Colot (arabidopsis)     video
10:30 Giacomo Cavalli (drosophila): Polycomb proteins and 3D genome folding in transgenerational epigenetic inheritance
11:20 Etienne Rajon (mathematical and physical modeling): Can non-genetic heredity be important for Evolution?     video
12:15 - 13h45 déjeuner
13:50 Oded Rechavi (C. Elegans nematode): Transmission of memories across generations in C. Elegans nematodes
14:40 Isabelle Mansuy (mammals): Inheritance of trauma induced traits : Epigenetic mechanisms in the germline     video
15:30 - 16h tea and coffee break
16:00 Tessa Bertozzi (mammals): Variable silencing of the repeat genome - implications for non-genetic inheritance     video
16:50 Deborah Bourc’his (mammals)     video
17:40 - 18h10 round table     video
18:10-18:15 Closing session