27 mai 2019 à 6 juin 2019
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

The most violent and energetic phenomena observed in our Universe are in their vast majority linked with objects in the “stellar graveyard”. These transient events can be associated with the collapse of a massive star (supernova and gamma-ray bursts), to accretion processes in binary systems that include a compact object (neutron star or black hole) or the coalescence of two of those compact sources; emitters of the gravitational wave signals recently detected. For historical reasons, “Cosmic Explosions” have been studied and presented at summer schools independently. Bridging the gap between different communities that are studying the various facets of a same family of objects would allow young researcher entering the field to see the global picture and the evolutionary link between them.

This school is organised in the context of the multi-messenger (photons, neutrinos, and gravitational waves) era and the large number of existing or upcoming telescopes to study the transient sky. This school will bring together international experts from different domains in order to prepare the future generation of young researchers to the revolution of time-domain, and multi-messenger astronomy.

The morning sessions will focus on theory and presentations of astrophysical objects, whereas the afternoon sessions will present the observational context and data analysis hands on sessions. Time slots will be arranged for PhD students and postdocs to present their current research and carry out in small groups, a research project during the school.

Activities during the School:

  • interactive hands-on sessions

  • small projects

  • student presentations (oral + posters)

  • excursions

  • after-lunch beach breaks

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