The Summer School will take place in two locations. First in Marseille, at CPPM, research laboratory from University of Aix-Marseille and CNRS, then in Strasbourg at IPHC, research laboratory from University of Strasbourg and CNRS.

Man has always sought to answer the most fundamental questions related to our understanding of the Universe. If the limits of this understanding could be pushed back thanks to the major advances of the last decades in the fields of the physics of the infinitely small and the infinitely large, which are intimately linked, we still have many questions to answer: its origins, the elements that make it up, the fundamental laws that govern it, its future. The school's theme is the physics of the two infinites
and covers: particle physics, hadronic physics (quark-gluon plasma), nuclear physics, astroparticle physics (high energy astrophysics) and cosmology. These areas will be addressed through: presentations on our current understanding, questions and scientific issues, presentations on some of the major current and planned experiments in which our two laboratories (CPPM and IPHC) are heavily involved in trying to answer these questions, and research mini-projects.

This school is also part of the Franco-Chinese collaboration of the LIA FCPPL.

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IPHC, Strasbourg
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