Séminaires, soutenances

Higgs properties measurement in LHC Run 2 data with the CMS detector

par Hugues Brun (Université Libre Bruxelles)

Amphi Recherche (Dpt Physique)

Amphi Recherche

Dpt Physique


Not only the Higgs boson is one of the last missing pieces of the Standard Model, but the search for possible deviations in its properties can also be the signature of New Physics. 

The large amount of data collected at 13 TeV during the LHC Run 2 (~120/fb expected) will permit an unprecedented improvement in the sensitivity of these searches. In this seminar, Higgs properties measurements with Run 1 data will be briefly summarised. Then, the status of these measurements in the CMS Run 2 data will be detailed.


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