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The Dark Energy Survey Supernova Program and the Australian OzDES survey

by Anais Möller (CEA Saclay)

Amphi Recherche (Dpt Physique)

Amphi Recherche

Dpt Physique


The Dark Energy Survey (DES) is using four probes to investigate the dynamics of the expansion of the Universe. The DES Supernova Program (DES-SN) is observing 27 square degrees with a 6-day cadence to obtain a large sample of type Ia supernovae for cosmology. In collaboration with DES, OzDES is using the AAT to obtain redshifts and classifications for objects in the DES fields. While probing dark energy using type Ia supernovae is the prime aim of the supernova survey, the observing strategy enables us to conduct a number of other investigations, such as AGN reverberation mapping and galaxy properties.

In this talk, I will present the DES supernova survey and the preliminary cosmological parameter constraints from the first 3-years of the DES-SN survey.  We will also discuss about the future analysis with the DES 5-year supernova sample and the first results of OzDES.