10-17 March 2018
Europe/Paris timezone

Squark and gluino searches with R parity violating decays and long-lived particles in ATLAS

13 Mar 2018, 19:00


Dario Barberis (University and INFN Genova)


From strongly produced initial states, SUSY phenomenology offers a rich array of observable signatures. Naturalness arguments suggest decays of gluinos through heavy-flavor quarks. R-parity violation may offer signatures with many leptons or jets, but without or with only low missing transverse momentum. Several supersymmetric models also predict massive long-lived supersymmetric particles that may be detected through abnormal specific energy loss, appearing or disappearing tracks, displaced vertices, long time-of-flight or late calorimetric energy deposits. This talk discusses recent ATLAS results on the production of squarks and gluinos focusing on the non-vanilla scenarios.

Primary author

Dario Barberis (University and INFN Genova)

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