This is the annoucement of a meeting dedicated to technical/experimental aspects of the first MUGAST-AGATA@VAMOS campaign of experiments foreseen in 2019. Issues such as the coupling scheme of MUGAST-AGATA-VAMOS electronics, the mechanical installation, MUGAST (MUST2) electronics control interface, reaction channel selection using VAMOS, ... will be discussed.


A purpose of this meeting is to provide help to proponents of MUGAST experiments for questions raised by reviewers, including those from the Technical Advisory Committee.


The meeting is organized in the framework of the Instrumentation Coordination (ICC) of GANIL. Financial support for travel expenses can be provided. Information about registration, conditons for support and a preliminary agenda will be sent in a forthcoming message. Do not hesitate to circulate this announce.


The meeting will be held at the guest house hall of GANIL,  Nov 9

(13:30) - Nov 10 (13:00)

Guest House
Bvd Henri Becquerel BP 55 027 14 076 Caen Cedex 5


Didier Beaumel (IPNO)

Gilles de France (GANIL)


Sabrina Lecerf - Rossard (GANIL)

Postal address :


Bvd Henri Becquerel

14 076 Caen Cedex


        e-mail :

Registration for this event is currently open.
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