Mar 10 – 17, 2007
La Thuile
Europe/Paris timezone
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Preliminary program

XLII nd Rencontres de MORIOND

Electroweak Session, La Thuile, March 10-17, 2007

Sunday morning 8H30 SM model and Brout-Englert-Higgs Mechanism

Oliver Stelzer W mass measurement in CDF

Jan Stark Di-boson physics from the Tevatron

Julien Donini W and Z physics

Juan Alcaraz Early Electroweak Measurements in CMS and ATLAS

Marcela Carena, Challenges for SUSY Higgs searches at Hadron Colliders

Emmanuela Barberis Tevatron : Top Mass

Jochum Van der Bij SM scalars and Extra singlet(s)

Krisztian Peters Higgs searches in Tevatron

Sunday afternoon 17h00 BEYOND the Standard Model (BSM) Searches

Pierre Fayet Basics Of Supersymmetry

Todd Adams Tevatron Searches BSM in lepton final states

Aron Soha Tevatron Searches BSM in Photon +Jets final states

Hitoshi Murayama Breaking Supersymmetry Made Easy, Viable, and Generic

Stefan Schmitt EW studies and searches in High Q2 e p collisions

James Ferrando Exclusive searches in HERA

Alexey Drozdetskiy SM Higgs boson: Recents developments in CMS and ATLAS

Paul de Jong Challenges for early discovery in ATLAS & CMS

Monday morning 8h30 Beyond SM, Extradim , top physics

Alex Pomarol Strongly interacting light Higgs

Tord Ekelof Higgses BSM in Atlas and CMS

Laura Lopez-Honorez The Inert Doublet Model : model of dark matter.

Stefano Rigolin Phenomenology of Symmetry Breaking from Extra Dimensions

Tony Gherghetta Single-Sector Susy Breaking in Extra Dimensions

Bernd Stelzer Single Top in CDF

Aran Garcia-Bellido Single Top in D0

Singh Ritesh Lepton distribution in t quarks as a probe of new physics

Monday afternoon 17h00 Top and B physics

Veronica Sorin Tevatron : Top production and properties

Aart Heijboer Tevatron : b-mixing Dgamma_s,Sigma_B & Sigma_B*

Patricia Ball Probing New Physics Through Bs Mixing

Alberto Sanchez Tevatron : b_hadron lifetimes, rare decays

Matthias Neubert V_ub and the case for New Physics in rare B decays

Akito Kusaka Alpha and gamma angles determination

David Lange Angle Beta determination

Paolo Gambino Theory Progress in Radiative B decays in SM and beyond

Tuesday morning 8h30 B, C and K physics

Mike Roney Lepton Flavour Violation

Roberto Sacco Semileptonic B decays

Philip Bechtle Electroweak and Radiative Penguin Decays (BaBar)

Mauro Raggi Results from NA48

Matthias Jamin Status of V_us

Antonio di Domenico Results from KLOE

Hogan Nguyen Results from KTEV

Tuesday afternoon 17h C physics, Lattice, BESS, Cosmo,


Marco Staric DDbar mixing and other charm Physics

Kevin Flood Charm Physics from Babar

Basit Athar CLEO-c results

Xiaoyan Shen BESS physics results and future prospects

Cliff Burgess status: susy large extra dimensions and cosmological constant

Wednesday morning 8h30 Astro- and Cosmo-related particle physics

Cristiano Galbiati WARP and dark matter direct detection (mini-review)

Takeo Higushi Searches for dark matter in Y(3S) decays (Belle)

Igor Garcia Irastorza CAST solar axion search and other axion experiments

Joerg Jaeckel Photons as a Probe of fundamental Physics

Jean Orloff Could a gamma line betray the mass of light dark matter ?

Juergen Brunner ANTARES


Ana Texeira Neutralino Dark Matter in the NMSSM

Wednesday afternoon 17h Astro-and Cosmo Particle issues

Carlos Wagner, Extra dimensions, SUSY dark matter and baryogenesis.

Véronique Van Elewyck AUGER

Vyacheslav Dokuchaev Anisotropy of dark matter annihilation in the Galaxy

Mark Vagins Relic Supernova neutrinos

Common session with cosmologists.

Serge Reynaud Tests of gravity at short and long distances

Manel Martinez Highlights from VHE gamma astronomy

Thursday morning 8h30 Neutrino Physics , more dark matter

Boris Kayser Basics of Neutrinos

Edda Gschwendtner CNGS status : neutrino beam to opera

Jacques Marteau First neutrino events in OPERA

Enrico Nardi Recent Issues in Leptogenesis

Valentina Porretti Minimal Lepton Flavour Violation and leptogenesis

Julia Garayoa Soft leptogenesis in the inverse seesaw

Boris Popov HARP

Masachi Yokoyama T2K+K2K

Thursday Afternoon 17h More Neutrinos


Kendall Mahn MiniBOONE

Andre Lebedev MIPP

Tobias Raufer Results from MINOS

Jean Tran Thanh Van Moriond Discussion

Friday morning 8h30 More Neutrinos – dark matter- precision measurements

Alexey Anisimov Seesaw-Darkmatter

Stefan Shoenert Neutrinoless double beta decay

Silvia Cappeli CUORICINO

Belen Gavela Non-unitary mixing matrix

Anatael Cabrera Double Chooz and reactors

Michele Maltoni Atmosperic neutrino prospects

Takehiko Asaka Sterile Neutrinos, dark matter and baryon asymmetry

Jonathan Roberts Natural SUSY Dark Matter: A window on the GUT scale

Friday afternoon 17h Precision measurements – cosmological constraints

Dave Hertzog Muon lifetime

Joern Kersten Cosmological Constraints on Gaugino Mediation

Marc Schumann Precision measurements in neutron decay

Zhiquing Zhang Muon g-2: mini-review

Gerard Gabrielse Electron g-2

Aurelio Bay EPR entanglement in Y(4S) decay to B0-anti B0 (Belle)

Saturday morning 9h Summaries

Antonio Masiero Theory summary

Bruno Mansoulié Experimental summary

YSF 1 (order to be decided)

Mark Owen Search for MSSM Higgs in the tau tau channel at D0

Shih-Chieh Hsu Searching for H->WW and other di-boson final states at CDF

Paolo Massarotti Charged Kaon Lifetime with KLOE

Oleg Lychkovskiy 2 stage SN 1987a explosion

David Gherson Constraints on the size of the extra dimension from KK gravitinos decay

Thorsten Chwalek W-boson Helicity Fractions in top-quark    Decays at CDF

YSF 2 (order to be decided)

Palorini, Federica Flavour violation in the lepton sector

FX Josse-Michaux, The role of flavours in leptogenesis

Thomas Gadfort Matrix Element Search for Electroweak Top Quark Production at D0

Samuel Calvet Search for squarks and gluinos at D0

Jen Pursley Observation of Sigma_b and Sigma_b^* Baryons at CDF