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20-26 juillet 2017
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Lecturers and Organizing Committee

Lecturers :

(email addresses in second column, replace the "+" by a "@", and the blanks by ".", e.g. "+lapp in2p3 fr" ->"")

Ingo SCHIENBEIN schienbein+lpsc in2p3 fr Intro to the Standard Model physics (Th.)
Marco DELMASTRO  delmastro+lapp in2p3 fr LHC Physics (Exp.)
Pasquale SERPICO serpico+lapth in2p3 fr Neutrinos (Th.)
Pablo DEL AMO SANCHEZ delamo+lapp in2p3 fr Neutrinos (Oscilations Exp.)
Fabrice PIQUEMAL piquemal+cenbg in2p3 fr Neutrinos (Double Beta Decay Exp.)
Diego GUADAGNOLI guadagnoli+lapth in2p3 fr Flavour Physics
Pasquale SERPICO serpico+lapth in2p3 fr Astroparticle Physics (Th.)
Vincent POIREAU  poireau+lapp in2p3 fr Astroparticle Physics (AMS Exp.)
David MAURIN maurin+lpsc in2p3 fr Astroparticle Physics (Exp.)
Julien MASBOU masbou+subatech in2p3 fr Direct Dark Matter Detection (Exp.)
Damir BUSKULIC buskulic+lapp in2p3 fr Gravitational Waves
Loïc ROLLAND rolland+lapp in2p3 fr Gravitational Waves
Lucia DI CIACCIO di-ciaccio+lapp in2p3 fr Computational Tools

Local Organizing Committee :

DEL AMO SANCHEZ Pablo (Physicist organizer) tel +33 4 50 09 16 67
DI CIACCIO Lucia (Physicist organizer) tel +33 4 50 09 16 24
RE Emanuele(Physicist organizer) tel +33 4 50 09 16 90
ROLLAND Loïc (Physicist organizer) tel +33 4 50 09 55 18
SCHIENBEIN Ingo (Physicist organizer) tel +33 4 76 28 40 97
FROGER Myriam (Organizing secretary) tel +33 4 50 09 16 19
JACOB Cécile (Accounting secretary) tel +33 4 50 09 16 03
MALAVAL Virginie (Additional organisation) tel +33 4 50 09 16 83
PELLOUX Delphine (Additional organisation)  
LYKO Nathalie (Accounting)  
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