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Shapes and Symmetries in Nuclei: from Experiment to Theory (SSNET'17 Conference)

de lundi 6 novembre 2017 (08:30) à vendredi 10 novembre 2017 (17:00)

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    /     : Talks
        : Breaks
6 nov. 2017
7 nov. 2017
8 nov. 2017
9 nov. 2017
10 nov. 2017
Registration (until 09:00) ()
09:00 --- Coffee break ---
Opening session -Prof. Costel Petrache (CSNSM Orsay and Université Paris-Saclay) (until 09:55) ()
09:25 Welcome - Dr Marie-Hélène Papillon (CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette)   ()
09:32 Welcome - Prof. Etienne Augé (Paris Saclay)   ()
09:39 Welcome - Dr Jean-Antoine Scarpaci (CSNSM Orsay)   ()
09:46 Welcome - Prof. Jerzy Dudek (IPHC and Université de Strasbourg)   ()
Experiment 1 -Prof. Costel Petrache (CSNSM Orsay and Université Paris-Saclay) (until 11:10) ()
09:55 Recognizing structure in the Z = 50 region - Prof. Paul Garrett (University of Guelph)   ()
10:20 Probing Low-Spin Nuclear Structure with Fast Neutrons - Prof. Steven Yates (University of Kentucky)   ()
10:45 Triaxiality in Neutron-Rich Mo-Ru Isotopes from Coulomb Excitation - Dr Mitch Allmond (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   ()
Experiment 2 -Dr Amel Korichi (CSNSM Orsay) (until 12:25) ()
11:10 “Stiff” Deformed Nuclei and the β and γ Degrees of Freedom - Prof. John Sharpey-Schafer (University of the Western Cape)   ()
11:35 Systematics of Band Termination at High-Spin in N~90 Nuclei: How Robust and Pure Are These Special States? - Prof. Mark Riley (Florida State University)   ()
12:00 First ionisation potentials of the heaviest actinides - Prof. Yuichiro Nagame (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   ()
Experiment 3 -Prof. Mark Riley (Florida State University) (until 10:40) ()
09:00 Shell-structure evolution around 78Ni - Dr Gilbert Duchêne (IPHC Strasbourg)   ()
09:25 In-beam spectroscopy of low-lying energy levels at extreme isospin at the RIBF - Dr Pieter Doornenbal (RIKEN)   ()
09:50 Selected results from in-beam and decay γ-ray spectroscopy in the 132Sn region performed at RIKEN - Dr Andrea Jungclaus (IEM-CSIC)   ()
10:15 Decay Spectroscopy Experiments with GRIFFIN at ISAC-TRIUMF - Prof. Corina Andreoiu (Simon Fraser University)   ()
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Experiment 4 -Dr Alain Astier (CSNSM Orsay) (until 12:35) ()
11:05 New experimental data relevant to the shape change in the A~100 region - Prof. Waldemar Urban (University of Warsaw)   ()
11:30 Spectroscopy of neutron-rich Y isotopes produced in fission induced by cold neutrons – onset and evolution of deformed structures - Dr Lukasz Iskra (Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN)   ()
11:45 Angular correlations of gamma rays from 206Tl produced in thermal neutron capture - Dr Natalia Cieplicka-Orynczak (Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences)   ()
12:00 The second gamma-ray spectroscopy campaign with GRETINA at NSCL - Dr Dirk Weisshaar (NSCL/Michigan Sate University)   ()
12:20 Erosion by neutron emission of coulomb effects on the charge distribution of final fragments from low energy fission of 234U and 236U - Prof. Modesto Montoya Zavaleta (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Lima, Perú)   ()
Experiment 5 -Prof. Paul Garrett (University of Guelph) (until 10:30) ()
09:00 Coulomb excitation of 132Sn with MINIBALL at HIE-ISOLDE - Prof. Peter Reiter (University of Cologne)   ()
09:25 Probing nuclear structure emerging from the interplay of single-particle and collective regimes - Dr Tuomas Grahn (University of Jyväskylä)   ()
09:50 CAGRA Project at RCNP, Osaka University - Dr Eiji Ideguchi (RCNP, Osaka University)   ()
10:15 FRS Ion Catcher: Measurement of Isomers and Production of Isomerically Clean Beams - Dr Timo Dickel (GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung)   ()
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Experiment 6 -Prof. John Sharpey-Schafer (University of the Western Cape) (until 12:40) ()
10:55 Rotation induced shapes and collective phenomena in excited atomic nuclei - an overview of studies coordinated by groups from IFJ PAN Krakow and HIL Warsaw - Prof. Adam Maj (IFJ PAN)   ()
11:20 Effect of deformation on the broad structure of the Isovector Giant Dipole Resonance in 144-150Nd and 152Sm - Dr Lindsay Michelle Donaldson (iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator Based Science)   ()
11:35 Collective modes excited in inelastic scattering of fast protons studied at Cyclotron Centre Bronowice - (CCB) - Dr Maria Kmiecik (IFJ PAN Krakow)   ()
11:50 Studying the nuclear g factor and quadrupole moment of the isomeric intruder 1+ state of 34Al via the beta-NMR technique - Dr Zhengyu Xu (IKS, KU Leuven)   ()
12:05 Shape coexistence in gold, mercury and bismuth isotopes studied by in-source laser spectroscopy at RILIS-ISOLDE - Dr James Cubiss (University of York)   ()
12:20 FIPPS – A new instrument for prompt spectroscopy at ILL - Dr Yung Hee Kim (Institut Laue Langevin Grenoble)   ()
Experiment 7: Isomers 1 -Prof. Costel Petrache (CSNSM Orsay and Université Paris-Saclay) (until 10:40) ()
09:00 100 years of isomers – then and now - Prof. Philip Walker (University of Surrey)   ()
09:25 Isomerism and Nuclear Structure of Heavy Elements - Prof. Paul Greenlees (University of Jyväskylä)   ()
09:50 Direct identification of the elusive 229mTh isomer: milestone towards a nuclear clock - Dr Peter G. Thirolf (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)   ()
10:15 Isomers in and around Semi-magic and Magic Nuclei - Prof. Ashok Kumar Jain (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee)   ()
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Experiment 8: Isomers 2 -Prof. Bo Cederwall (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) (until 12:20) ()
11:05 Ultra-cold gas of 135mCs isomers: progress and perspectives - Prof. Ferruccio Renzoni (University College London)   ()
11:30 Tracking Low-lying Nuclear Shape Evolution from the Dysprosium Valence Maximum to Gamma-soft Osmium Isotopes - Prof. Patrick Regan (University of Surrey)   ()
11:55 Pigmy resonance in soft nuclei measured through excitation of spin isomers - Prof. Vladimir Nedorezov (INR RAS)   ()
Experiment 9 -Prof. Patrick Regan (University of Surrey) (until 10:25) ()
09:00 Do we understand nuclear collectivity? - Prof. Bo Cederwall (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)   ()
09:25 Spectroscopic Factors in the Islands of Inversion: The Nilsson Strong Coupling Limit - Dr Heather Crawford (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
09:45 Perspectives for studies of extremely deformed nuclei near 40Ca - Dr Piotr Bednarczyk (IFJ PAN)   ()
10:10 Studies of shape coexistence with the Coulomb excitation in the light mercury isotopes - Dr Kseniia Rezynkina (KU Leuven)   ()
10:25 --- Coffee break ---
Theory 7 -Prof. Gianluca Colò (Dipartimento di Fisica, Università degli Studi, and INFN, Milano) (until 12:30) ()
10:50 Possible decay chains of superheavy nuclei in forthcoming experiments - Prof. Dorin Poenaru (IFIN-HH)   ()
11:15 Some spectroscopic properties of odd well-deformed nuclei in the rare-earth region - Prof. Philippe Quentin (CENBG Bordeaux)   ()
11:40 Elimination of the spurious admixtures in the QRPA E0, E1, E2 and M1 excitations of deformed nuclei - Prof. Jan Kvasil (Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, MFF, Charles University in Prague)   ()
12:05 Effects of reflection-asymmetric shapes on nuclear collective and isomeric properties - Prof. Nikolay Minkov (Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)   ()
12:25 --- Lunch ---
Theory 1 -Prof. Costel Petrache (CSNSM Orsay and Université Paris-Saclay) (until 15:45) ()
14:00 Triaxiality and single particle degrees of freedom - Prof. Stefan Frauendorf (University Notre Dame)   ()
14:25 Chiral basis for particle rotor coupling model for odd-odd nuclei - Prof. Krzysztof Starosta (Simon Fraser University)   ()
14:50 Nature of the doublet bands generated in the particle-rotor model - Dr Elena Lawrie (iThemba LABS )   ()
15:15 Search for the nuclear chirality - a manual for experimenters - Prof. Ernest Grodner (University of Warsaw)   ()
15:30 Systematic study of Z = 83 nuclei: 193,194,195Bi - Dr Andrej Herzáň (University of Liverpool)   ()
15:45 --- Coffee break ---
Theory 2 -Prof. Jerzy Dudek (IPHC and Université de Strasbourg) (until 18:15) ()
16:10 A beyond-mean-field description for nuclear excitation spectra - Dr Marcella Grasso (IPN Orsay)   ()
16:35 Mean Field Description of Exotic Nuclear Systems from Chiral NN and ΛN potentials - Dr Petr Vesely (Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences)   ()
16:55 Restoration of symmetries in time-dependent calculations. Josephson effect in reactions below the barrier - Dr Guillaume Scamps (CCS Tsukuba University)   ()
17:10 Regularisation Methods to Stabilise Nuclear Inverse Problem via Physics-Based Improvements - Mme Irene Dedes (IPHC Strasbourg)   ()
17:25 Potential energy surfaces of superheavy nuclei in the 4D Fourier parameter space - Prof. Krzysztof Pomorski (Maria Curie Sklodowska University)   ()
17:50 Experimental information on axial symmetry breaking in heavy nuclei and microscopic calculations - Prof. Eckart Grosse (TU Dresden)   ()
18:15 --- Welcome cocktail (restaurant CNRS) ---
12:35 --- Lunch ---
Theory 3 -Prof. Philippe Quentin (CENBG Bordeaux) (until 15:35) ()
14:00 Alpha clustering and condensation in nuclear systems - Prof. Peter Schuck (Institut de Physique Nucleaire)   ()
14:25 Shapes describing the fusion, fission and fragmentation phenomena and alpha molecules - Prof. Guy Royer (Subatech, Université de Nantes, Ecole des Mines de Nantes )   ()
14:50 A new approximate symmetry for heavy deformed nuclei – proxy–SU(3) - Prof. Richard F Casten (Yale University and FRIB, Michigan State University)   ()
15:15 Nuclear shape predictions with proxy-SU(3) - Dr R.Burcu Cakirli (Istanbul University)   ()
15:35 --- Coffee break ---
Theory 4 -Prof. Stefan Frauendorf (University Notre Dame) (until 18:35) ()
16:00 Shape coexistence and beta decay in proton-rich A~70 nuclei within beyond-mean-field approach - Prof. Alexandrina Petrovici (IFIN-HH)   ()
16:25 Shell-model study for the A~130 region - Dr Yutaka Utsuno (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   ()
16:50 Particle-core coupling in nuclei: new insights, fundamental misconceptions - Prof. John Wood (Georgia Tech)   ()
17:15 Ab-initio SCGF computations of medium mass nuclei - Dr Carlo Barbieri (University of Surrey)   ()
17:40 First-order quantum phase transitions between spherical and γ-unstable deformed nuclear shapes - Prof. Amiram Leviatan (Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University)   ()
18:05 Towards symmetry unrestricted Skyrme-HFB calculations: Rotation of exotic shapes - M. Wouter Ryssens (Institut Physique Nucléaire Lyon )   ()
18:20 Do Quarks Play Explicit Role in Nuclear Structure? - Dr Genis Musulmanbekov (JINR Dubna)   ()
Poster session - Cocktail (restaurant CNRS) (until 20:30) ()
18:35 Calculation of energy level and B(E2) values of even-even isotopes of sulfur using the shell-model code NuShellX@MSU - Dr Amin Attarzadeh (ACECR)   ()
18:45 2nd-order superfluid Thomas-Fermi approximation and FAM-QRPA method for ultracold fermions - Mlle Na Fei (School of Physics, Peking University)   ()
18:55 Beta+ decay properties of A=102 isobars - Mlle Nadjet Laouet (Université des Frères Mentouri Constantine 1)   ()
19:05 Study of vibrational to rotational region by use of affin su(1,1) algebra in the sdg-IBFM framework - Mlle Zeinab Ranjbar (University of Tabriz)   ()
19:15 Symmetric/asymmetric transition of fission yields studied with the time-dependent generator coordinate method - M. David Regnier (IPN Orsay)   ()
19:25 A closer look at the pairing effects on the structure of normal deformed (ND) bands in Hf isotopes - M. Hadi Taheri (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)   ()
19:34 Global analysis of Skyrme forces and the high-order density dependence - M. Zhiwei Zuo (School of Physics, Peking University)   ()
19:43 Search for collective and non-collective band structures in 123Xe - Mlle Anwesha Basu (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur )   ()
19:52 Attenuation of radiation with biological media - Mlle Ainouna Bouziane (Université des Sciences et de la Technologie d'Oran - Mohamed-Boudiaf- Algeria)   ()
20:01 Transfer reaction and 212Po structure - M. Etienne Dupont (CSNSM Orsay)   ()
20:10 Manifestation of triaxiality in 135,136Nd: Chirality and Wobbling - M. Bingfeng Lv (CSNSM Orsay)   ()
20:19 Evidence of rotational behavior in the 120Te isotope - Dr Mansi Saxena (Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw)   ()
12:40 --- Lunch ---
Social program (until 23:10) ()
12:20 --- Lunch ---
Theory 5: Ab initio 1 -Dr Petr Navratil (TRIUMF) (until 15:40) ()
14:00 Advances in coupled-cluster computations of atomic nuclei - Dr Gaute Hagen (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   ()
14:25 Nuclear structure and reactions from lattice simulations - Prof. Dean Lee (North Carolina State University)   ()
14:50 New Horizons in Ab Initio Nuclear Structure Theory - Prof. Robert Roth (TU Darmstadt)   ()
15:15 Nuclear Shapes from the In-Medium Similarity Renormalisation Group - Prof. Heiko Hergert (NSCL/FRIB Laboratory, Michigan State University)   ()
15:40 --- Coffee break ---
Theory 6: Ab initio 2 -Prof. Jerzy Dudek (IPHC and Université de Strasbourg) (until 17:45) ()
16:05 Bound and unbound light nuclei from ab initio theory - Dr Petr Navratil (TRIUMF)   ()
16:30 Effective field theories for collective excitations of nuclei - Prof. Thomas Papenbrock (The University of Tennessee)   ()
16:55 Ab Initio View of Emergent Symmetries, Shapes, and Collectivity - Dr Tomas Dytrych ( Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences )   ()
17:20 Single-particle states vs. collective modes: friends or enemies - Prof. Takaharu Otsuka (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)   ()
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Theory 8 -Dr Marcella Grasso (IPN Orsay) (until 14:55) ()
14:00 Different views of configuration mixing within Density Functional Theory - Prof. Gianluca Colò (Dipartimento di Fisica, Università degli Studi, and INFN, Milano)   ()
14:25 Shell-model investigation of even and odd nuclei above 132Sn - Dr Houda Naïdja (Constantine 1 University)   ()
14:40 Phase diagram of the extended Agassi model - Dr José Enrique García-Ramos (University of Huelva)   ()
Closing (until 15:05) ()
15:05 --- Coffee break ---
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