4-10 décembre 2016
Les Jardins de l'Anjou
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Search for $\chi_1^{\pm}\chi_2^{0} \rightarrow 1\ell + h(b\bar{b})$ + MET with Atlas at LHC Run 2

9 déc. 2016 à 11:15
http://www.jardinsdelanjou.fr/ (Les Jardins de l'Anjou)


Les Jardins de l'Anjou

9 Chemin de Vaujou, 49620 La Pommeraye


Mme Rima El kosseifi (CPPM)


The LHC 8 TeV Run 1 came out with a negative outcome for C1 N2 searches and exclusion limits of mC1,N2> 250 GeV for a massless LSP were set. Taking advantage of the increase in the center-of-mass energy and the luminosity compared with Run 1, we’re searching for C1N2 → 1 lep + h0(bb) + MET within ATLAS at LHC 13 TeV Run 2. In line with the b-jets in the final state, my ATLAS authorship project is on the b-jet identification. We studied the impact of several simulated scenarios for pixel dead modules, inspired from 2016 data quality flags, on overall b-tagging performance. In fact the pixel modules play a crucial role in tracks reconstruction and vertexing, hence it highly affect the b-jets identification and it is necessary
to quantify the loss in performance for such scenarios. On the phenomenology side, we’re developing a new version of the SuSy Spectrum calculator “Suspect3” using the inverted bottom-up procedure from physical masses to constraint SUSY parameters in the Higgs and stop sectors.

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