4-10 décembre 2016
Les Jardins de l'Anjou
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Dark matter in Grand Unification Theory inspired Z’ portal scenarios

9 déc. 2016 à 10:30
http://www.jardinsdelanjou.fr/ (Les Jardins de l'Anjou)


Les Jardins de l'Anjou

9 Chemin de Vaujou, 49620 La Pommeraye


M. Mathias Pierre (LPT Orsay)


We consider simple dark matter extensions of the standard model in Z' portal scenarios inspired by grand unification theory constructions and we study the phenomenology of such models by considering Spin Dependent and Spin Independent direct detection constraints, confronting the canonical thermally produced dark matter scenario and we show that in this simple framework the combination and the complementary of these constraints is a powerful tool to derive stringent bounds and to reduce the viable parameter space of the model.

Documents de présentation

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