Provenance meeting

Thursday, 14 April 2016 - 09:30
Paris - Observatoire (Salle du Conseil)

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14 Apr 2016
09:30 --- Welcome ---
10:00 Building up the model: RAVE use case - Dr Kristin Riebe   (Salle du Conseil)
10:20 Building up the model: CTA use case - Dr Mathieu Servillat (LUTH, Observatoire de Paris)   (Salle du Conseil)
10:40 Building up the model: Pollux - Mrs Michèle Sanguillon (LUPM)   (Salle du Conseil)
11:00 Current version of the Model - Dr Mireille Louys (CDS)   (Salle du Conseil)
Discussions (until 12:30) (Salle du Conseil)
11:15 How can we stabilise classes properties? (attributes definitions)   (Salle du Conseil)
11:35 tHow can we re-use existing IVOA models and avoid re-definition ? for instance prov:DataDescription to existing obscore:ObsDataset model parts re-use of SimDM for theoretical spectra simulation   (Salle du Conseil)
11:55 Commonalities/Specificities of attributes and classes accross all use-cases   (Salle du Conseil)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
14:00 Articulation between protocols, serialisation formats and data models concepts - Mr François Bonnarel (CDS)   (Salle du Conseil)
Discussions (until 15:30) (Salle du Conseil)
14:30 Which formats (PROV-N, PROV-XML, JSON, ?) to use for serialising the provenance of a dataset?   (Salle du Conseil)
15:00 Which deliverables can we foresee Cape town and Trieste IVOA meetings?   (Salle du Conseil)
15:30 --- Break ---
Discussions (until 17:30) (Salle du Conseil)
16:00 AOB   (Salle du Conseil)