Composite Higgs model based on a conformal fixed point

7 Sep 2016, 14:00
Amphi Dirac (IPNL)

Amphi Dirac


Bat. Dirac 4 rue Fermi 69622 Villeurbanne


Prof. Anna Hasenfratz


Abstract: We investigate a prototype lattice BSM model with pNGB Higgs by combining 4 light (massless) flavors and 8 heavy flavors. In the infrared, the SU(4) chiral symmetry is spontaneously broken, while in the ultraviolet it exhibits the properties of the $N_f=12$ conformal fixed point. The running coupling of this system ``walks" and the energy range of walking can be tuned by the mass of the heavy flavors. At the same time, renormalization group considerations predict the spectrum of such a system to show hyperscaling i.e. hadron masses in units of $F_\pi$ are independent of the heavy mass. Hyperscaling is present for bound states made-up of light, heavy, or heavy and light flavors. This observation is supported by numerical observations and makes the model strongly predictive.

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