Jul 5 – 8, 2016
Europe/Paris timezone
The mission of the TESTA Technology Collaboration is to advance SRF technology R&D and related Accelerator studies across the broad diversity of scientific applications, and to keep open and provide a bridge for communication and sharing of ideas, developments, and testing across associated projects. To this end, the Collaboration supports and encourages free and open exchange of scientific and technical knowledge, expertise, engineering designs, and equipment. The TTC organizes regular collaboration meetings where new developments are reported, recent findings are discussed and technical issues are concluded. The different Working Groups will cover: - WG1: Performance Degradation and Cures (L. Lilje, J. Mammosser, H. Sakai) - WG2: Protons and Ions Accelerators (G. Devanz, R. Laxdal, P. Michelato) - WG3: High Current and CW Accelerators (S. Belomestnykh, J. Hao, E. Jensen) - WG4: Performance Frontier (S. Aull, A. Grassellino, K. Umemori) You can contact directly the conveners for any contribution to the session. If any problem encountered for reaching INSTN or other matter, please call the following mobile phone numbers: - +33 6 72 87 99 56 or - +33 6 75 27 70 68