Dear colleagues,

We successfully completed the SVOM System Requirements Review at the end of June. It was an important milestone for the project, where we started to introduce the idea of an evolution of the mission over its lifetime.

Following the Swift example, the time devoted for the Targets of Opportunity observations will increase and SVOM will now be presented as a multi-wavelength mission devoted to the transient sky. This will be done, of course, preserving all the GRB related goals of SVOM.

In order to promote the mission and to inform the scientific community we plan to write a SVOM white paper. This paper should be ready for the SVOM Preliminary Design Review to be held in June next year. With the goal to prepare the first draft of this paper we plan to organize a workshop at Chamonix Mont-Blanc (Ecole des Houches; next year from April 10 to April 15. The title of the workshop is: The Deep and Transient Universe in the SVOM Era: New Challenges and Opportunities. This workshop will also be a great opportunity to gather the SVOM science community for the first time.


Thanks again for your participation in this successful workshop.

All presentations are now on line and available for consultation here

The pictures of the workshop are available here

The first version of the White Paper is available here

Les Houches
Ecole de Physique des Houches La Côte des Chavants F-74310 Les Houches FRANCE