AGATA Collaboration meeting 2015

from Wednesday, 11 February 2015 (14:00) to Friday, 13 February 2015 (13:40)
GANIL (GuestHouse)

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11 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015
13 Feb 2015
Session3 (until 11:00) (GuestHouse)
09:00 Fast Timing Array Status. - P. Regan   (GuestHouse)
09:20 Investigation of a high spin structure in 44Ti via discrete and continuum γ spectroscopy with AGATA and PARIS spectrometers - P. Bednarczyk   (GuestHouse)
09:40 Evolution of Nuclear Collectivity Approaching the π−ν Valence Maximum. - P. Regan   (GuestHouse)
10:00 DSAM lifetime measurement of alpha-cluster states in 212Po - A. Jungclaus   (GuestHouse)
10:20 Spectroscopy in the second well around 194Pb isotope : location of the shell gaps at superdeformation - A. Korichi   (GuestHouse)
10:40 Detailed spectroscopy around U isotopes using transfer reactions - A. Korichi   (GuestHouse)
11:00 --- coffee ---
Session4 (until 13:00) (GuestHouse)
11:20 Effects of Isospin Symmetry Breaking in the A=63 mirror nuclei - S. Lenzi   (GuestHouse)
11:40 Coulomb energy differences and the role of the isospin non conserving term in the g9/2 shell: Excited states in the Tz=-1/2 nucleus 75Sr - G. De Angelis   (GuestHouse)
12:00 Mirror Energy Differences in T=1/2 pairs at the Valence Maximum in the pfg-Shell: the 77Y case - A. Gadea   (GuestHouse)
12:20 Search for isoscalar pairing in the N=Z nuclei 84Mo and 88Ru - B. Cederwall   (GuestHouse)
12:40 Dire t measurement of proton-neutron matrix elements with respe t to the 100Sn ore by studying ex ited states in 100In - M. Palacz   (GuestHouse)
Session7 (until 10:10) (GuestHouse)
08:30 Gamma decay from unbound states in n-rich Be isotopes: a probe of different theoretical approaches to the structure of light nuclear systems with the AGATA+PARIS+VAMOS setup - S. Leoni   (GuestHouse)
08:50 Determining the + 15O radiative capture rate by measurement of the 6Li(15O,d)19Ne reaction - C.A.a Diget   (GuestHouse)
09:10 Spectroscopy and lifetime measurements in the A=78 isobaric triplet at the fpg valence maximum - M. Doncel   (GuestHouse)
09:30 Transition strengths between low-lying states in 54,56Ti and 55V: evolution of the shell structure in the region of neutronrich Ti isotopes - C. Fransen   (GuestHouse)
09:50 Lifetime measurements of low-lying states in light actinides - A. Goasduff   (GuestHouse)
10:10 --- coffee ---
Session8: VAMOS proposals (until 11:50) (GuestHouse)
10:30 Lifetime measurements on neutron-­‐rich nuclei in the A~100 region - W. Korten   (GuestHouse)
10:50 Lifetime measurement in 23Mg - C. Michelagnoli   (GuestHouse)
11:10 Spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei in proximity of the Z=28 shell closure - F. Recchia   (GuestHouse)
11:30 Evolution of collectivity around N=40: lifetime measurements in 73,75Ga. - I. Celikovic   (GuestHouse)
Session8 (until 12:30) (GuestHouse)
Registration (until 14:30) (GuestHouse)
Welcome (until 15:00) (GuestHouse)
14:30 GANIL Management   (GuestHouse)
14:45 Welcome - S. Lenzi   (GuestHouse)
Session1 (until 17:00) (GuestHouse)
15:00 AGATA Status - A. Gadea   (GuestHouse)
15:20 VAMOS Status - A. Lemasson   (GuestHouse)
15:40 NEDA Status - J. J. Valiente Dobon   (GuestHouse)
16:00 DIAMANT status - Dr Z. Dombradi   (GuestHouse)
16:20 MUGAST - LoI and Strategy . - D. Beaumel   (GuestHouse)
16:40 PARIS status - A. Maj   (GuestHouse)
17:00 --- coffee ---
Session2 (until 19:00) (GuestHouse)
17:30 Report on High spin commissionning - A. Korichi   (GuestHouse)
18:00 Report on Source measurement and in-beam VAMOS-AGATA commissionning - C. Michelagnoli   (GuestHouse)
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Session5 (until 17:00) (GuestHouse)
14:00 Shape-coexistence vs superdeformation nearby the doubly-closed 56Ni - D. Mengoni   (GuestHouse)
14:20 Isoscalar pairing correlations and shape coexistence in the rp-process waiting point nucleus 80Zr - F. Recchia   (GuestHouse)
14:40 Spectroscopy of 102Sn above the 6+ isomer - J. Nyberg   (GuestHouse)
15:00 Structure of the first excited states in large deformed rare-earth nuclei approaching the proton drip-line - N. Redon   (GuestHouse)
15:20 Lifetime measurements in 102,103,104Sn - A. Gottardo   (GuestHouse)
15:40 Lifetimes in 68Se low spin - S. Lenzi   (GuestHouse)
16:00 Octupole correlations above 100Sn: B(E3) strength in 112Xe and 118Ba. - J. J. Valiente-Dobon   (GuestHouse)
16:20 Towards first experimental evidence of decreasing collectivity in 105Sb. - D. Testov   (GuestHouse)
16:40 Plunger measurement in 112Xe using the NEDA-DIAMANT-AGATA arrays - E. Clement   (GuestHouse)
17:00 --- coffee ---
Session6 (until 18:50) (GuestHouse)