AGATA Collaboration meeting 2015

GuestHouse (GANIL)



The goal of this second Collaboration meeting is to prepare the next GANIL PAC meeting in spring 2015. For this second AGATA campaign two major setups will be available: AGATA coupled to VAMOS in vacuum mode and to the Neutron Wall. This latter setup will be available by the end of 2016. Of course AGATA standalone will be available, as well as coupled to other complementary detectors (PARIS, FATIMA, DSSSD, plunger, etc.).
1st Circular
2nd Circular
Practical Informations
  • Adam Maj
  • Alain Goasduff
  • Amel Korichi
  • Andrea Gottardo
  • Andrea Jungclaus
  • Andres Gadea
  • Antoine LEMASSON
  • Beyhan BASTIN
  • Bo Cederwall
  • Bénédicte MILLION
  • Caterina Michelagnoli
  • Cesar Domingo
  • Christian Diget
  • Christoph Fransen
  • Daniel Doherty
  • Daniele Mengoni
  • Dmitry Testov
  • Emmanuel Clement
  • Francesco Recchia
  • Giacomo DeAngelis
  • Gilbert DUCHENE
  • Igor Celikovic
  • Johan Nyberg
  • Jose Javier Valiente Dobon
  • Jérémie Dudouet
  • Louis Olivier
  • Marcin Palacz
  • Maria Doncel
  • Nadine REDON
  • Piotr Bednarczyk
  • serge franchoo
  • Silvia Lenzi
  • Silvia Leoni
  • Victor Modamio
  • Wolfram Korten
  • Zsolt Dombradi
    • 14:00 14:30
    • 14:30 15:00
      • 14:30
        GANIL Management 15m
      • 14:45
        Welcome 15m
        Speaker: S. Lenzi
    • 15:00 17:00
      Session1: AGATA and Ancillary status
      • 15:00
        AGATA Status 20m
        Speaker: A. Gadea
      • 15:20
        VAMOS Status 20m
        Speaker: A. Lemasson
      • 15:40
        NEDA Status 20m
        Speaker: J. J. Valiente Dobon
      • 16:00
        DIAMANT status 20m
        Speaker: Dr Z. Dombradi
      • 16:20
        MUGAST - LoI and Strategy . 20m
        Speaker: D. Beaumel
      • 16:40
        PARIS status 20m
        Speaker: A. Maj
    • 17:00 17:30
      coffee 30m
    • 17:30 19:00
      Session2: Reports on the commissionings
      • 17:30
        Report on High spin commissionning 30m
        Speaker: A. Korichi
      • 18:00
        Report on Source measurement and in-beam VAMOS-AGATA commissionning 30m
        Speaker: C. Michelagnoli
    • 09:00 11:00
      Session3: Fast Timing & Solo Proposals
      • 09:00
        Fast Timing Array Status. 20m
        Speaker: P. Regan
      • 09:20
        Investigation of a high spin structure in 44Ti via discrete and continuum γ spectroscopy with AGATA and PARIS spectrometers 20m
        Speaker: P. Bednarczyk
      • 09:40
        Evolution of Nuclear Collectivity Approaching the π−ν Valence Maximum. 20m
        Speaker: P. Regan
      • 10:00
        DSAM lifetime measurement of alpha-cluster states in 212Po 20m
        Speaker: A. Jungclaus
      • 10:20
        Spectroscopy in the second well around 194Pb isotope : location of the shell gaps at superdeformation 20m
        Speaker: A. Korichi
      • 10:40
        Detailed spectroscopy around U isotopes using transfer reactions 20m
        Speaker: A. Korichi
    • 11:00 11:20
      coffee 20m
    • 11:20 13:00
      Session4: NEDA proposals
      • 11:20
        Effects of Isospin Symmetry Breaking in the A=63 mirror nuclei 20m
        Speaker: S. Lenzi
      • 11:40
        Coulomb energy differences and the role of the isospin non conserving term in the g9/2 shell: Excited states in the Tz=-1/2 nucleus 75Sr 20m
        Speaker: G. De Angelis
      • 12:00
        Mirror Energy Differences in T=1/2 pairs at the Valence Maximum in the pfg-Shell: the 77Y case 20m
        Speaker: A. Gadea
      • 12:20
        Search for isoscalar pairing in the N=Z nuclei 84Mo and 88Ru 20m
        Speaker: B. Cederwall
      • 12:40
        Dire t measurement of proton-neutron matrix elements with respe t to the 100Sn ore by studying ex ited states in 100In 20m
        Speaker: M. Palacz
    • 13:00 14:00
      Lunch 1h
    • 14:00 17:00
      Session5: NEDA proposals
      • 14:00
        Shape-coexistence vs superdeformation nearby the doubly-closed 56Ni 20m
        Speaker: D. Mengoni
      • 14:20
        Isoscalar pairing correlations and shape coexistence in the rp-process waiting point nucleus 80Zr 20m
        Speaker: F. Recchia
      • 14:40
        Spectroscopy of 102Sn above the 6+ isomer 20m
        Speaker: J. Nyberg
      • 15:00
        Structure of the first excited states in large deformed rare-earth nuclei approaching the proton drip-line 20m
        Speaker: N. Redon
      • 15:20
        Lifetime measurements in 102,103,104Sn 20m
        Speaker: A. Gottardo
      • 15:40
        Lifetimes in 68Se low spin 20m
        Speaker: S. Lenzi
      • 16:00
        Octupole correlations above 100Sn: B(E3) strength in 112Xe and 118Ba. 20m
        Speaker: J. J. Valiente-Dobon
      • 16:20
        Towards first experimental evidence of decreasing collectivity in 105Sb. 20m
        Speaker: D. Testov
      • 16:40
        Plunger measurement in 112Xe using the NEDA-DIAMANT-AGATA arrays 20m
        Speaker: E. Clement
    • 17:00 17:20
      coffee 20m
    • 17:20 18:50
      Session6: N=Z collaboration meeting
    • 08:30 10:10
      Session7: VAMOS proposals
      • 08:30
        Gamma decay from unbound states in n-rich Be isotopes: a probe of different theoretical approaches to the structure of light nuclear systems with the AGATA+PARIS+VAMOS setup 20m
        Speaker: S. Leoni
      • 08:50
        Determining the + 15O radiative capture rate by measurement of the 6Li(15O,d)19Ne reaction 20m
        Speaker: C.A.a Diget
      • 09:10
        Spectroscopy and lifetime measurements in the A=78 isobaric triplet at the fpg valence maximum 20m
        Speaker: M. Doncel
      • 09:30
        Transition strengths between low-lying states in 54,56Ti and 55V: evolution of the shell structure in the region of neutronrich Ti isotopes 20m
        Speaker: C. Fransen
      • 09:50
        Lifetime measurements of low-lying states in light actinides 20m
        Speaker: A. Goasduff
    • 10:10 10:30
      coffee 20m
    • 10:30 11:50
      Session8: VAMOS proposals
      • 10:30
        Lifetime measurements on neutron-­‐rich nuclei in the A~100 region 20m
        Speaker: W. Korten
      • 10:50
        Lifetime measurement in 23Mg 20m
        Speaker: C. Michelagnoli
      • 11:10
        Spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei in proximity of the Z=28 shell closure 20m
        Speaker: F. Recchia
      • 11:30
        Evolution of collectivity around N=40: lifetime measurements in 73,75Ga. 20m
        Speaker: I. Celikovic
    • 11:50 12:30
      Session8: Concluding remarks and PAC strategy