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lecture GDR SUSY: Probing SUSY Models at Colliders
Date/Time: lundi 23 octobre 2006 - 10:30 (Europe/Paris)
Location: LPNHE Paris ( 0--Salle Grossetete )
Chairperson: Jean-Loic Kneur, Pascal Gay, Dirk Zerwas

 lundi 23 octobre 2006
10:30  Coffee Break (15')
New results for Light Gravitinos at Hadron Colliders -- TeVatron Limits and LHC Perspectives (20')   transparencies pdf file   Guillaume Pignol (LPSC Grenoble)  
Reconstruction of SUSY with tau final states with the CMS detector (20')   more information powerpoint file   Dominique Mangeol (IRES Strasbourg)  
SUSY in ATLAS (20')   more information powerpoint file   Jim Cochran (LPNHE Paris and Iowa State University)  
Search for the light Higgs boson in SUSY decays with the ATLAS detector (20')   transparencies pdf file   Michele Consonni (LAPP Annecy)  
12:45  Lunch break (15')
MSSM with heavy scalars (20')   transparencies pdf file   Nicolas Bernal (LPT Orsay)  
Semi-analytic reconstruction of mSUGRA parameters (20')   transparencies pdf file   Nada Sahoury (LPTA Montpellier)  
Determination of SUSY parameters: CLIC and gluinos (20')   transparencies pdf file   Emmanuel Turlay (LAL Orsay)  
Markov Chains in SUSY parameter determination (20')   transparencies locked pdf file   Michael Rauch (University of Edinburgh)  
16:00  Coffee Break (15')