Nov 18 – 20, 2013
Europe/Paris timezone
The most convenient and efficient way to obtain a beam for a fixed target experiment from the LHC is, to our knowledge, to use bent-crystal beam extraction. The idea is therefore to position a bent crystal in the halo of the beam such that a few protons (or lead) per bunch per pass would be channelled in the lattice of the crystal and would be deviated by a couple of mrad w.r.t. to the axis of the beam. Such a method also has the virtue of better collimating the beam, allowing one to increase the luminosity of the collider experiments. Tests of this technique will soon be carried out by the LUA9 collaboration following the recommandation of the LHCC. 

During this meeting, we will discuss:
  • the status of bent-crystal beam collimation and extraction
  • the status of future test at the LHC by LUA9
  • the physics opportunities offered by a fixed target experiment on the LHC beams extracted by a bent crystal (AFTER@LHC)
  • the possible synergies between LUA9 and AFTER, as well as between LAL and IPNO in this context.
This meeting is one of the actions of the French GDR PH-QCD.
IPN (Monday-Tuesday) - LAL (Wednesday)