Simulations of detector arrays and the impact of atmospheric parameters

10 Jun 2013, 16:15
Galileo Room, Building 713C (CEA Saclay)

Galileo Room, Building 713C

CEA Saclay

Talk Simulations, modeling, and reconstruction Monday afternoon 2


Dr Konrad Bernlöhr (MPIK Heidelberg)


In Monte-Carlo simulations of detector arrays on the ground (here mainly arrays of Cherenkov telescopes), the atmosphere enters in several ways: in the development of the particle showers, in the emission of light by shower particles, and in the propagation of Cherenkov light (or fluorescence light or of particles) down to ground level. Relevant parameters and their typical impact on energy scale etc. will be discussed.

Primary author

Dr Konrad Bernlöhr (MPIK Heidelberg)

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