28-30 April 2008
IPHC Strasbourg-Cronenbourg FRANCE
Europe/Paris timezone



28 Apr 2008, 16:00
Amphithéâtre Marguerite Perey (bâtiment 01 Campus Cronenbourg (IPHC Strasbourg-Cronenbourg FRANCE)

Amphithéâtre Marguerite Perey (bâtiment 01 Campus Cronenbourg

IPHC Strasbourg-Cronenbourg FRANCE

Presentation Materials

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Dr Steve Muanza (IPN Lyon)
28/04/2008, 16:00
Dr Geneviève Bélanger (LAPTH Annecy)
28/04/2008, 16:10
Dr Nazila Mahmoudi (Uppsala University)
28/04/2008, 16:35
Rikkert Frederix (University of Louvain)
28/04/2008, 16:55
Dr Cyril Hugonie (LPTA Montpellier)
29/04/2008, 14:25
Dr Thomas Hahn (Max-Planck-Institut for Physics)
29/04/2008, 14:55
Mr Olivier Mattelaer (University of Louvain)
29/04/2008, 15:15
Mr Clément Baty (IPN Lyon)
29/04/2008, 15:35
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