14-16 mai 2012
Université Montpellier 2
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

A Higgs signal Beyond the MSSM

14 mai 2012 à 17:55
Amphi IAE, bât 29 (UM2)

Amphi IAE, bât 29



M. Guillaume Drieu La Rochelle (LAPTH)


The BMSSM (Beyond the MSSM) framework is an effective theory approach that encapsulates a variety of extensions beyond the MSSM with which it shares the same field content. The lightest Higgs mass can be much heavier than in the MSSM without creating a tension with naturalness or requiring superheavy stops. The phenomenology of the Higgs sector is at the same time much richer. I discuss here the different predicted rates in the LHC channels ZZ->4l, 2 photons, 2 photons + 2 jets and WW, together with the constraint stemming from the non observation of other Higgses in all channels. A special stress is put on the correlations between the signal channels and how they can help to exclude or discriminate among different theoretical models. I show furthermore how those results behave when applying constraints from dark matter and flavour physics.

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