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25-28 juin 2012
Europe/Paris timezone
EGAN 2012 will focuss on discussing the achievements, issues and future directions associated with ancillary detectors used in conjunction with gamma-ray detectors.

The annual open meeting of the AGATA Collaboration will take place on wednesday 27th of June.

The meetings of the EGAN working groups and Scientific Committe will take place after the workshop, on thursday the 28th of June in the morning.
NEWS (May 11th 2012): The workshop will NO LONGER be be followed (on thursday the 28th of June in the afternoon and friday the 29th of June) by a meeting to discuss new Letters of Intent for the AGATA campaign at GSI. This meeting has been postponed till setp/oct. due to scheduling changes at GSI.

The main topics to be discussed at the workshop are:
  • Latest results on nuclear gamma spectroscopy
  • Ancillaries to measure moments and lifetimes
  • Ancillaries to identify nuclei
  • Ancillaries to select reaction channels
  • Ancillaries to detect photons and internal conversion electrons
  • Related issues: beams, targets, electronics and data acquisition