18-21 October 2011
IPNO, Building 100
Europe/Paris timezone
Workshop organised by the participants of the network GDR PH-QCD and supported by the France-Stanford Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies and the ReteQuarkonii EU network
This 3 1/2 day meeting is organised by the working groups 1 (3D Structure of hadrons), 3 (QCD in pA and AA collisions) and 4 (EIC and future experiments) of the GDR PH-QCD. The meeting is open to everybody outside of the network who is willing to participate. In particular, contributions to the afternoon discussion sessions are welcome.

The first afternoon session will be an open working session of group 3 (QCD in pA and AA collisions) to define the tasks to be undertaken during the duration of the network.

There will be 3 mornings with review/introductory talks to the physics of parton properties (PDFs, nuclear PDFs, GPDs, TMDs ...), as well as on prospects on their extraction with future Electron-Ion Colliders and fixed target experiments at the AFTER @LHC & CHIC @ SPS.

The 3 afternoon sessions will start with additional review talks and will then be devoted to discussions on QCD processes in pA and AA collisions (QGP hard probes, heavy quarks, quarkonia, correlations,...), on future fixed-target experiments and their physics case, on EIC physics case and the future of hard-exclusive-process studies.

The meeting will benefit from a special support of France-Stanford Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies for the day on the project for a fixed target experiment at the LHC, as well as from the network ReteQuarkonii (I3HP2) for the session devotted to QCD in pA and AA collisions.
IPNO, Building 100
Institut de Physique Nucléaire (IPN) - 15 rue Georges CLEMENCEAU 91406 ORSAY (FRANCE)