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10-11 octobre 2011
Europe/Paris timezone
The first international workshop on "Antimatter and Gravitation" will be held at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris on October 10-11 2011.

Its main objectives will be to review indirect experimental tests and theoretical models on a possible different behaviour of matter and antimatter with respect to gravitation, to present the experiments on the production and study of antihydrogen at CERN, and to cover the projects in preparation for a direct measurement of the gravitational effect on antimatter. Reviews on the tests of the equivalence principle and other related subjects will also be addressed. The workshop will be open to all interested physicists, an attendance of about 100 people is foreseen.

This workshop is sponsored by:

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Commence 10 oct. 2011 09:00
Finit 11 oct. 2011 18:00


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