20-27 July 2011
Alpes Congrès - Alpexpo
Europe/Paris timezone

The global electroweak fit and constraints on new physics

22 Jul 2011, 15:40
Dauphine (Alpes Congrès - Alpexpo)


Alpes Congrès - Alpexpo

Parallel session talk Higgs and New Physics


Dr Matthias Schott (CERN)


In the global fit of the Standard Model using Gfitter, electroweak precision observables as well as constraints from direct Higgs searches are compared with state-of-the-art electroweak predictions. We use the most recent results for direct Higgs searches, including updates on precision measurements such as MW and mtop from Tevatron and LHC experiments. Moreover, the Gfitter results for the oblique parameters are presented coherently together with constraints on various new physics models, including Little Higgs models, Extra Dimensions, Technicolour and Four Generations.

Primary author


Dr Andreas Hoecker (CERN) Mrs Dorthe Ludwig (DESY) Dr Joerg Stelzer (DESY) Johannes Haller (Uni. Goettingen) Dr Klaus Moenig (DESY) Martin Goebel (DESY) Dr Max Baak (CERN)

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