13-14 janvier 2011
LPC Clermont
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Dark matter searches with the Fermi-LAT

14 janv. 2011 à 12:30
Amphithéâtre Recherche (LPC Clermont)

Amphithéâtre Recherche

LPC Clermont

Campus des Cézeaux Bât. 6,7,8 Physique 24, avenue des Landais F- 63177 Aubière Cedex
15+5 Main


Dr Gabrijela Zaharijas (IPhT/CEA Sacalay)


I will review the dark matter search strategies by the Fermi-LAT team, with a particular emphasis on the searches in the Galactic and extragalactic diffuse emission. The diffuse measurement contains a wealth of information due to a good angular resolution of the Fermi-LAT telescope and high statistics of events. I will discuss how this information can be used to look for particularities of a dark matter signal, and what are the difficulties involved in this task, both on experimental and model building side. Some expected improvements brought in by complementary experiments such as AMS-02, Planck and CTA will also be given.

Auteur principal

Dr Gabrijela Zaharijas (IPhT/CEA Sacalay)

Documents de présentation

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