26 June 2011 to 1 July 2011
Montpellier, France
Europe/Paris timezone

Alfven Wave Amplification and Self-Containment of Cosmic-Rays Escaping from a Supernova Remnant

29 Jun 2011, 09:35
Main amphitheater (Universe)

Main amphitheater



Prof. Yutaka Fujita (Osaka University)


We study the escape of cosmic-ray (CR) protons accelerated at a supernova remnant (SNR) by numerically solving a diffusion-convection equation from the vicinity of the shock front to the region far away from the front. We consider the amplifications of Alfven waves generated by the escaping CR particles and their effects on CR escape into interstellar medium (ISM). We find that the amplification of the waves significantly delays the escape of the particles even far away from the shock front (on a scale of the SNR). This means that the energy spectrum of CR particles measured through gamma-ray observations at molecular clouds around SNRs is seriously affected by the particle scattering by the waves.

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