FRIB, East Lansing
Lecture Hall 1200
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams Michigan State University 620 S Shaw Ln East Lansing, MI 48824 United States

The kickoff meeting of the IRL Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics (NPA) will address frontier research carried out in France and at FRIB along the following topics:

  • Nuclear structure and reactions from stability to rare isotopes, 
  • Nuclear astrophysics from nuclear reactions in the cosmos to extreme-matter equation of state,
  • Nuclear theory for finite nuclei and uniform matter,
  • Instrumental developments of common interest for GANIL and FRIB.

There is no registration fee but registration to the meeting is requested for both, in-person and online participation. This will enable the logistics for coffee breaks and lunches and also the distribution of the zoom link to remote participants.

Invited speakers:

  • Daniel Bazin (FRIB East Lansing) 
  • Kyle Brown (FRIB East Lansing) 
  • Zbigniew Chajecki (WMU Kalamazoo) 
  • Sandrine Courtin (IPHC Strasbourg) 
  • Mickael Dubois (GANIL Caen)
  • Anthea Fantina (GANIL Caen)
  • Valérian Girard-Alcindor (IJCLab Orsay)
  • Diego Gruyer (LPC Caen) 
  • Fairouz Hammache (IJCLab Orsay) 
  • Chloé Hebborn (FRIB East Lansing) 
  • Heiko Hergert (FRIB East Lansing) 
  • Hiro Iwasaki (FRIB East Lansing) 
  • Denis Lacroix (IJCLab Orsay) 
  • Kyle Leach (Colorado School of Mines Golden) 
  • Dean Lee (FRIB East Lansing) 
  • Antoine Lemasson (GANIL Caen) 
  • Adrien Matta (LPC Caen) 
  • Kei Minamisono (FRIB East Lansing) 
  • Fernando Montes (FRIB East Lansing)
  • Witold Nazarewicz (FRIB East Lansing)
  • Frédéric Nowacki (IPHC Strasbourg) 
  • Aldric Revel (FRIB East Lansing) 
  • Hervé Savajols (GANIL Caen) 
  • Guillaume Scamps (L2I Toulouse) 
  • Hendrik Schatz (FRIB East Lansing) 
  • Nadezda Smirnova (L2I Bordeaux) 
  • Olivier Sorlin (GANIL Caen) 
  • Betty Tsang (FRIB East Lansing)
  • Antonio Villari (FRIB East Lansing)