Lorentz Invariance Violation (LIV) is a good observational window on Quantum Gravity models. Within last few years, all major Gamma-ray experiments have published results from the search for LIV with variable astrophysical sources: Gamma-ray Bursts with detectors on-board satellites and Active Galactic Nuclei with ground-based experiments. In addition, most of future experiments (SVOM, CTA and others) put the search for LIV in their main physics goals. As the latest results tend to disfavour first order effects with energy, excluding a whole set of models based on space-time "foam", it is possible that the whole theoretical landscape will change in the next years. In light of these exciting new results, a status report about both the theoretical and observational aspects would be of great interest. The meeting will be dedicated to the following aspects of the Fundamental Physics: - searches for Lorentz Invariance violation effects and signatures of Quantum Gravity - studies of the quantum structure of the vacuum, in particular those of the Quantum Vacuum Friction (QVF) effects with Magnetars as predicted by of Quantum Electro-Dynamics - tests of the Gravity law at large scales and of the General Relativity. The workshop will deal with recent developments in these rapidly progressing areas. It will favour contacts between physicists working in various experiments, as between the theoreticians and the experimentalists. Discussions will take place on different methods used for the analyses of data and interpretation of the results. Place: Amphithéâtre Durand Bâtiment Esclangon 4, place Jussieu 75252 PARIS cedex 05 Map: Workshop dinner: We'll have our dinner at 20:00 at the very nice brasserie "Julien". The address is 16, rue du Faubourg St Denis 75012 Paris Subway station: "Strasbourg St Denis" (lines 4, 8 and 9) WIFI access point: A wireless connexion will be available in Amphithéâtre Durand. Individual logins and passwords will be distributed at the beginning of the meeting. Organizing Committee: J. Bolmont (LPNHE/UPMC, bolmont_AT_in2p3.fr) A. Blanchard (LATT/UPS) A. Jacholkowska (LPNHE/UPMC) S. Reynaud (LKB/UPMC) C. Rizzo (UPS-IRSAMC/LCAR)
Campus Jussieu
Amphithéâtre Durand