29 juin 2010 à 2 juillet 2010
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Programme scientifique

The aim of the conference will be to review the state of the art of the technique, results of experiments as well as of the theoretical predictions of fluxes, and to discuss future prospects in these fields.

The conference is organized in plenary sessions which have been defined in order to alternate between and mix cosmic ray and neutrino physics, radio and acoustic detection, theory and experiments:

  • 1 - Introductory talks
  • 2 - From radioastronomy to high energy particles
  • 3 - Acoustic & radio, neutrino & cosmic ray detection @ South pole
  • 4 - Cosmic ray radio decametric detection, signal nature and current experiments
  • 5 - Lunar Cerenkov detection
  • 6 - Auger and the radio projects, reviews and results
  • 7 - Antenna and trigger R&D
  • 8 - "Up to the knee" cosmic rays
  • 9 - Air shower radio signal theory and simulations
  • 10 - Neutrino detection in water and salt (acoustic and radio)
  • A permanent poster session on all subjects.

Large time slots are reserved during coffee breaks and lunch time periods to make the poster session really attractive and allow large time for discussion between participants.

The session breakdown can be found in the "Timetable" section of this website.

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