Focus group 2 call


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    • 11:00 AM 12:00 PM
      Focus Group 2: EOSC Portal Profiles
      Conveners: Kay Graf (ECAP - University of Erlangen), Dr Thomas Vuillaume (LAPP, CNRS)


      • TV:
        • will OSSR or ZENODO act as a "thematic portal" as portal MPRTP? KG: rather OSSR
        • API push through ZENODO would be easier
        • KG: will contact Owen (EOSCFuture Onboarding)
      • MF: 
        • workflows of onboarding for CTAO via OSSR or directly to EOSC portal -> through OSSR, but federation allows also in parallel direct connection
        • example of gammapy - open community, CTA-released science tool; part of metadata and of description

      EOSC Portal Onboarding Process v4.00

      Sanchez-P. Jorge-A.

      The EOSC Portal Onboarding Process is the process that an EOSC Provider must follow to register the Provider and its Resources in the EOSC Portal Registry. The EOSC Registry provides EOSC System Users with a list of live/ready-to-use descriptions of EOSC Resources offered by the EOSC System. Every entry of the EOSC Registry must comply with and be described and updated following the EOSC Portal Interoperability Framework. The EOSC Portal Interoperability Framework includes, among others the EOSC Profiles, the EOSC Rules of Participation (RoP) and the EOSC Portal Application Programming Interface (APIs) methods for the automatic provisioning and synchronisation of information between Providers’ systems and the EOSC Portal. The EPOP is fundamental is achieving trust in the EOSC by checking compliance to the EOSC RoP and the EOSC Profiles.

      - Single Providers -> might be interesting to partners, but not for OSSR as a whole

      - Aggregators/Multi-Provider Portals (MPRTP) -> new profile (see below)

      The 5 Phases (19 stage) of the MPRTP EPOP v4.00 are:

      • Phase 1: An Authorised Representative of MPRTP registers into the EOSC Portal.
      • Phase 2: The Authorised and Authenticated Representative of an MPRTP (AARM) onboards the Providers registered at the MPRTP.

      • Phase 3: The AARM onboards the Resources registered at the MPRTP.

      • Phase 4: The AARM onboards the Options/Offerings of Resources offered by the

        Providers registered at the MPRTP.

      • Phase 5: The AARM and the EPOT maintain the quality of the Profiles.

      EOSC Portal Profiles v4.00

      Sanchez-P. Jorge-A.

      EOSC Profiles are specifications that define common data models for EOSC entities (Providers, Resources, etc.) and related Code Lists, Taxonomies and Classifications. They contribute to the unified framework for describing and offering EOSC Resources to end-users in a harmonized way, guaranteeing the interoperability of resources metadata with open APIs. They allow automated exchange and management of the EOSC resource information and their accompanying data without human intervention (e.g., harvesting, etc).