"Hands-on" project: FLAVIO

Peter Stangl (University of Bern)

FLAVIO is a python package for flavour physics and other precision tests of the Standard Model that computes predictions for hundreds of observables in the Standard Model and beyond. An important aspect of the FLAVIO python package is its open source code, which facilitates development by the community.

In this "hands-on" project, interested users will learn how to update, extend, and improve the FLAVIO source code according to their needs. In the spirit of learning-by-doing, they will work on small projects supervised by the current maintainer of the FLAVIO package. Possible projects include:

  • updating the experimental data included in FLAVIO
  • implementing new observables
    (e.g. observables of the decay Λb → Λ(1520)ll from arXiv:1903.00448 recently studied by members of the GdR-Inf in arXiv:2005.09602)
  • adding new features
    (e.g. implementing the effect of a non-vanishing K* width in B → K* transitions from arXiv:1908.02267)
  • your own ideas

Participants of the "Hands-on" project: FLAVIO are strongly encouraged to suggest their own small projects (e.g. observables or features they would like to be implemented in FLAVIO). Ideas for small projects can be specified in the registration form.

Getting started with FLAVIO:

Mattermost channel: https://mattermost.web.cern.ch/gdr-inf/channels/flavio-projects

Project GitHub page: github.com/flav-io/flavio

Project coordinator:  Peter Stangl

  • Adam Falkowski
  • Alexandre Carvunis
  • Chiara Mancuso
  • Darius Faroughy
  • Diego Guadagnoli
  • Eli Ben-Haim
  • Felicia Volle
  • Francesco Polci
  • Gaelle Khreich
  • Giulio Dujany
  • Ioannis Plakias
  • Janina Nicolini
  • Lucas Martel
  • Lukas Calefice
  • Olcyr Sumensari
  • Tommaso Fulghesu
  • Tristan Fillinger
  • Zhuoran Huang
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