Focus group 1 call - Software collection


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  • Participants:
    Dmytro Kresan (GSI), Enrique Garcia (EG), Gabri ? (G), Guido Juckeland (GJ), Hector Alvarez Pol (HAP), Igor Gasparic (IG), Ivana Lihtar (IL), Jutta Schnabel (JS), Kay Graf (KG), Leandor Milhomes Da Fonseca (LMDF), Lukas Ponnath (LP), Maisam Dadkan (MD), Marina Ganeva (MG), Marjolein Verkouter (MV), Mark Kettenis (MK), Michael Heil (MH), Mohammad Al-Turany (MAT), Stefan Reck (SR), Tamás Gál (TG),  Thomas Vuillaume (TV), Thomas White (TW), Yanzhao Wang (YW)
  • Contents
    • R3BRoot Onboarding Talk (DK)
      • Slides:
      • Discussion:
        • TV: Dockerfile available → not publicly
        • TV: Dockerimage not publicly available → where to store in OSSR; there is registry on the ESCAPE Gitlab, not clear now how to further use - but the recipe would be good to store with the software in the OSSR
        • TV: will Data will be public: code yes, also data but probably after some short embargo time
          • Analysis cuts only after papers are published
          • Volume 20-30TB / weeks → accessibility not yet clear
            (may be on request)
        • MAT:
          • GSI follows the open science policy: all data needs to be open and FAIR; implementation under investigation also as part of ESCAPE DAC21
          • Docker or Singularity container need to be discussed (new docker license)
            • GEANT4 large part of container - compressing followed also caching/distributing via CVMFS
        • MD:
          • Dockerversion of R3B produced by KVI
          • Test of simulation data in DAC21 (0.5 TB)
          • Interest to collaborate with GSI
          • Environment available at
        • KG: Common practices visible: development on git; workflow (data/simulation consistently processes as soon as possible in the pipeline); containerisation for processing; distribution via CVMFS;
        • KG: will a DataChallenge be added → macro to analyse test datea
        • HAP:
          • R3B is an international collaboration; GPL v3; copyright by GSI and R3B
            • MAT: FairROOT is lGPL3; FAIR/GSI suggests  BSD, lGPL3 or GPL3 to all experiments
          • External dependencies need to be maintained as well
    • OSSR Onboarding Procedure
      • Minutes:
      • MAT: Who is doing the quality check
        • JS: Quality check list needs to be formalised
        • Issues for ESCAPE followed by JS, DMA by CT
      • MAT: Collaboration between DMA community and OSSR could become part of the ESCAP collaboration agreement
      • KG: TOU from EOSC-Future, should be ready by End 2021 - followed up by OSSR afterwards
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