Meeting ITk LPNHE

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      General news 20m



      • Brigitte and Pascal wirebonded flex 3.8 084 (glued at IJClab) #GA1. Mean pull tests ~8 grams. Automatic. No adhesion problem found
      • Flex with impurities in some places and missing metallization in some places observed
      • Need to update the Wirebonding program with new map:
      • Wirebonding priorities:
        • Finish module 0.84: wirebond #GA2, GA3 and GA4
        • Then continue with the thick module glued at IJClab last Friday
        • and the third priority is the dummy module glued at LPNHE 2 weeks ago


      • Artur fished his internship last week. Will restart activities in October
      • Reina and Dimitris glued a thick module at IJClab last Friday. Using flex after grattage, v3.8… 
      • Next step: metrology this afternoon by Mykola and then wirebonding


      • Testing PC is not working… Francesco proposed some tests: remove the YARR card. Bertrand will try to do it today
      • It will be great to have the list of PC characteristics: Bertrand will ask for the bon de commande of the computer
      • Luc placed the order for the plasma tube last week. Delay of 14 weeks, it will arrive ~October. Luc checking the setup with the Japanese team. Thanks!


      • GC managed to access the GUI in the prod DB after updating his python version 
      • GC will share scripts to create IV curves  with Mykola
      • Mykola is working on the scripts to include metrology information in the dB



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