Meeting ITk LPNHE

    • 10:30 10:50
      General news 20m



      • Program flex v3.8 is done. Wirebonding to be done on Thursday using the flex from IJClab.
      • Pascal asked for an updated diagram for flex 3.8. The one the Wirebonding team has does not seem to be updated. Giovanni will ask Alexandra or Jessica. Check:
      • Pascal will ask Yann about the support carrier



      • Grattage tested yesterday atIJClab for two flexes. Gluing postponed to end of the. Week. Not sure yet if the grattage worked. 
      • Pictures taken by Artur for alignment studies last week.  
      • Artur fishing his internship this week. Will restart activities in October



      • ROOT updated in grey room. Communication with TLU still not working.
      • PC de test was running very slowly. It was restarted, and now the screen is all black
      • Giovanni will contact privately Francesco
      • Luc will check the model and quote for the plasma tube with the Japanese team. Decided to proceed with an order. 



      • Problem accessing prodDB from local installation still present. Victor will be looking into this when available
      • Only one db in Paris, at IJClab… Modifications needs to be done to the git code 
      • Mykola and Reina will be adding metrology information in the prodDB for the 6 sensors we received last week from Saclay. More news towards the end of the week
      • Giovanni will do a prodDB quick training this afternoon, in case someone wants to join! He will also record it



      • Araldite has a good thermic dissipation? -> Marc will send an email with a document from HGTD colleagues. Thanks Marc!