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Topic: ESCAPE Technical Coordination

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Notes of meeting - 9 June 2021

Present:  Ian Bird, Xavier Espinal, Kay Graf, Mark Allen, Rosie Bolton, John Swinbank, Hugh Dickinson, Matthias Fuessling, Martino Romaniello, Mohammed Al-Turany, Daniele Spiga, Jutta Schnabel

Apologies: Harro Verkouter, Stephen Serjeant


Notes from WPs and RIs - attached to agenda items

Additional comments: 

- should also include EGI-ACE as a source of resources in planning for TSP's

- We will need to ensure we coordinate with EOSC-Future milestones; present high level milestones at next meeting

- There will be a cross-WP session at the GA; half a day is foreseen, we should plan the agenda for that (not just status reports)

- ESAP is working on a vision document; similar needs recognised by WP2 for the data lake, and possibly WP4.  We agree that we should think about a set of documents and presentations, videos, etc. that give the overall vision of ESCAPE now and long term, especially to explain to the science communities why they would use ESCAPE and EOSC services.


There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.
    • 10:00 AM 10:05 AM
      Introduction 5m
      Speaker: Ian Bird (LAPP)


      • - the planning for the TSP's is still under way
      • - We will need to make resources available; I see the following options (not exclusive):
        • Set up a TSP "cloud" across some of the ESCAPE partner sites, with various types of computing and storage resources available for some period of time
        • Integrate commercial cloud resources (ESCAPE funds) - as planned to do as part of WP2
        • Integrate resources made available via EGI-ACE project
        • Integrate HPC - via our collaboration with PRACE/FENIX (see WP2 notes)
          • We are discussing options of some use in September, but longer term for the TSPs would be needed
          • Currently they need us to make a formal proposal for such use ... tbd


      • Kick off meetings tomorrow, morning open to "external" i.e. EC, other projects, SOB, TCB, WP leaders' afternoon session for the full project (partners should have received invitation)
      • GA was held yesterday.  Presentations to be made available (similar will be at kick-off)
        • CA should be signed by 1st week of July, currently 10 days for final partner feedback
        • Once CA signed, pre-financing will be released

      Workshop on long-term of clusters:

      • Will be held on Friday - ESCAPE partners have received invitations (need to register)
        • EC will be there
        • Will present combined cluster position paper and clusters' statements/positions in the morning
          • afternoon is closed discussion with EC etc.

      Collaboration with HPC/FENIX

      • See WP2 input.



    • 10:05 AM 10:15 AM
      Follow up on Use Case discussion 10m
      Speaker: Ian Bird (LAPP)
    • 10:15 AM 10:45 AM
      Round Table 30m
      • WP2 2m
        Speaker: Xavier Espinal (CERN)

        - Data And Analysis Challenge (DAC21) 

        • The three preparatory activities started:
          • A1: Data Injection, Data Management and Data Processing
          • A2: Multi-RUCIO, Data Lake continuous testing and Monitoring/operations 
          • A3: AAI, token integration, ACLs and networks
        • Bi-weekly meeting focused on Activity-1 but touching base in the advancement on global DAC21 related topics (
        • Global progress tracked at the WP2 bi-weekly meetings (
        • Need engagement/presence from WP3/WP4/WP5 to progress and achieve the goals at the x-task boundaries:
          • WP3: Delivering of Software, calibration files, containers/VMs (jobs) to compute facilities: sites, clouds, HPCs.
          • WP4: HiPS set-up and test storage endpoint)
          • WP5: Different ESAPs integration with DAC21 data processing activities (data “preparation" and analysis)
        - Progress towards token based authentication. Activated token daemons on FTS, running tests+debug involving RUCIO and RSEs. Several issues being addressed to have a common  translation and understanding across the systems about token scopes, tokens “audiences” and trusting of the token issuer.
        - ATLAS Distributed Computing Technical Board asked WP2 to present status and prospects of the ESCAPE Data Lake status. Riccardo presented. Positive feedback from ATLAS community.
        - FENIX project (
        • Ian and myself representing ESCAPE in early discussions with the FENIX project.  They are interested in "partnering" with the Science Clusters in Europe. We had a close meeting yesterday to start working on the basic commonalities in the infrastructure to get some use cases started. Main items are 1) AAI  and 2) FTS/Swift guided transfers for data pre-placement and 3) software distribution possibilities (containers).
        • Possibility to get some resources in September. We need to identify an HPC use-case/workflow from one of more sciences in ESCAPE and prepare a letter of intent to formally ask for these resources (deadline 9th July). Please reflect on this and get back to Ian and myself, different possibilities can be considered for different workflow types and will be important to get the ball rolling with these HPC community that are intending to homogeneize the access and the usage for the different partners participating: JULICH, BSC, CINECA, CSCS, CSC, CEA and EBRAINS.


      • WP3 2m
        Speaker: Kay Graf (ECAP - University of Erlangen)
        • onboarding with ESFRIs continue
        • start common OSSR onboarding together with DMA using
        • first idea of onboarding TSP-related software (LAPP Fermi DM Software).
        • ESCAPE Summer School this and next week with up to 300 online (and 2000 offline) participants
      • WP4 2m
        Speaker: Mark Allen (CDS/CNRS)

        Milestone - IVOA Interoperability meeting was held in May 24-28. milestone report in preparation. 

        Many ESCAPE contributions, with emphasis on radio astronomy interoperability, VO-training (and education links), coverage map standardisation. Other results from WP4 Tech Forum were presented, and also WP3 related topic of VO software in OSSR.




      • WP5 2m
        Speaker: John Swinbank (ASTRON)
        • ESAP “Vision” continues to evolve:
        • Recruitment ongoing at ASTRON; multiple candidates now through to the second round. Our hope is that this leads to a new (interim?) WP5 tech lead.
        • Engaged with the Extreme Universe TSP, in particular at ASTRON and UvA, advising with recruitment and trying to build a common understanding with them in terms of what's available through ESCAPE and how it relates to their science goals.
      • WP6 2m
        Speaker: Prof. Stephen Serjeant (The Open University)
      • CTA 2m
        Speaker: Dr Matthias Fuessling (CTAO gGmbH)


        • added CTA use cases in
        • on-going discussions with all CTA partners on use case details, updates planned
        • planning for DAC21 (in WP2 meetings, with CTA partners)


        • continued contributions of CTA partners within their WP tasks (no issue that I am aware of)
        • interface of WP2 data lake to WP5 ESAP may need more focus in light of DAC21 (data processing)
        • discussions with CTA group (L. Arrabito, J. Bregeon, outside of ESCAPE) on DIRAC WMS, availability starting in August
      • EGO 2m
        Speaker: Antonella Bozzi
      • ESO 2m
        Speaker: Dr Martino Romaniello (ESO)
        • Good progress on our core activity in ESCAPE, namely application of Deep Learning techniques on a massive scale to the holdings of the ESO Science Archive. Specifically, we are exposing the networks we had devised on specific data (for the aficionados, 1D stellar spectra taken with the HARPS instrument) to other datasets (additional spectra from ESO and non-ESO instruments, images from the ALMA array).
        • Discussions started with WP3 and 5 (Jutta, Kay, John, ...) on software repositories and science platforms. Unfortunately, I had to miss the kick-off meeting, but the preparatory discussions looked promising. The main question I would have is that what we will likely mostly need is a rather specific subset of the general use cases, so it's not clear if and how to make it fit in the larger picture.
        • Trying to figure out an ESO position wrt to the Science Cluster position paper.


        • Tangential to ESCAPE, we're working on implementing DOIs for archive data assets.
      • EST 2m
        Speaker: Nazaret Bello Gonzalez
      • FAIR 2m
        Speaker: Mohammad Al-Turany (CERN)
        • Start common HGF-DMA onboarding together with OSSR 
        • First DMA project is identified,
          • work is ongoing,
          • will be used as a template for the DMA community (mainly nuclear structural and photon physics groups)


      • HL-LHC 2m
        Speakers: Daniele Spiga (infn), Daniele Spiga (INFN-Perugia)
      • Jive 2m
        Speaker: harro verkouter (Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC)
      • KM3Net 2m
        Speakers: Jutta Schnabel (FAU Erlangen (ECAP)), Dr Kay Graf (ECAP - University of Erlangen)
      • SKA 2m
        Speaker: Rosie Bolton (Square Kilometre Array Organisation)

        Continued development of plans for DAC21 tests (this week is our quarterly planning event). Also looking into binderhub, relevant for WP5, and hoping to improve our own Jupyterhub-IAM integration using groups. One of our team members (actually not ESCAPE funded) will spend the next three months contributing to the Rucio code base.

    • 10:50 AM 10:51 AM
      AOB 1m
      • Next meeting ?

      • Items for future agendas