Séminaires LLR

High-accuracy polarization measurements at millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths from ground and space

by Mrs Alessia Ritacco (IAS)

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Multi-wavelength polarization observations at different angular resolutions are fundamental to probe a number of astrophysical processes from galactic to cosmological scales. In particular ​dust polarization measurements at intermediate and high angular resolution of filamentary regions in our galaxy are the key to disclose the role of the magnetic fields played in the star formation process​. On the other hand the search for the ​cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization B-modes signal, to unveil the primordial universe, drives the motivation of technological developments and advances in data analysis techniques.
The measurement of these very weak polarization signals requires an unprecedented sensitivity, and control of the systematic effects generated by the instruments, as well as a very precise calibration.
In this seminar I will overview the progress in the field to overcome these difficulties in the context of the NIKA2 camera, which observes from the IRAM 30m telescope in Spain, and also the development of the future satellite LiteBIRD.