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7-10 avril 2010
Institute of Nuclear Physics in Lyon (IPNL), France
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Welcome to the workshop of the France - China Particle Physics Laboratory, followed by The FCPPL steering Comittee.

Lyon The France-China Particle Physics Laboratory is an International Associated Laboratory (LIA) involving a network of French IN2P3 laboratories and universities, the French Commission for Atomic Energy (CEA), a network of institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese universities. It is supported by funding agencies and the French Embassy in China. It is mainly devoted to reinforce the collaborations in particle physics, with a focus on LHC and ILC activities, including computing development and deployment, as well as accelerator studies. The support and development of existing or new collaborations in other particle physics domains and in astroparticle, both in experimental physics or theory, are also an intrinsic part of this project. The workshop will take place at the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Lyon (IPNL) and at the IN2P3 Computing Center (CC-IN2P3 / CNRS), in Lyon (France). INFORMATION : Please note that the day before the 3rd FCPPL Workshop (Tuesday, April 6th) a meeting of the project Theorie LHC France takes place in Lyon. One session will be devoted to hadron physics, a field studied actively in France and China.
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Institute of Nuclear Physics in Lyon (IPNL), France
Amphitheatre Dirac
Domaine scientifique de la Doua Bâtiment Paul Dirac 4, rue Enrico Fermi 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex
A Google map corresponding to the meeting location is available here.
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