Virtual Particle Physics in Paris

Muon Collider Day

by Daniel Schulte (CERN) , Nathaniel Craig (UC Santa Barbara)


16:00-16:45 Part 1 by Daniel SchulteThe new International Muon Collider Collaboration. 

Following the Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics and in view of rising interest shown in the US Snowmass process, a new International Muon Collider Collaboration is forming, hosted at CERN. The presentation will introduce the muon collider concept and its main challenges and opportunities.


16:45-17:30 Part 2 by Nathaniel CraigThe Muon-Smasher’s Guide.

In this talk I'll outline an aspirational theory case for the physics potential of a high-energy muon collider. Such a collider would leverage both the point-like nature of the muons themselves as well as the cloud of electroweak radiation that surrounds the beam to blur the dichotomy between energy and precision in the search for new physics. I’ll highlight the opportunities for a muon collider to probe a range of Standard Model and beyond-the-Standard Model phenomena including dark matter, naturalness, and the origins of electroweak symmetry breaking, focusing on the energy and luminosity goals that would position such a collider as an optimal successor to the LHC.