Weekly seminars

Higgs Production at NNLL' + NNLO using Rapidity Dependent Jet Vetoes (remote talk)

by Shireen Gangal (LAPTh)




I will discuss Higgs production cross section via gluon fusion, with a veto imposed on additional jets using rapidity-dependent jet vetoes. These jet veto observables provide a tight veto at central rapidity, gradually transitioning to a loose veto at forward rapidities. They divide the phase space into exclusive jet bins in a different way to the traditional jet veto observable pTjet, and are advantageous to use under harsh pile-up conditions. I will present predictions for the 0-jet gluon-fusion (ggF) Higgs cross section using these rapidity-dependent jet veto observables at NNLL'+ NNLO accuracy in the framework of Soft Collinear Effective Theory. I will also discuss the relative sensitivities of ggF Higgs cross sections with these jet vetoes, to underlying event and hadronisation effects.