NEUTRINOS :A tau neutrino appearance search analysis based on event kinematics for the DUNE experiment.

27 Jan 2021, 10:30


DUNE (Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment) will be a major long-baseline neutrino experiment hosted at Fermilab, USA. Its main scientific objective is the study of neutrino oscillation (first discovered in 1998), especially the measurement of the probable CP-violation in the leptonic sector via the $\nu_{mu} \rightarrow \nu_{e}$ oscillation channel.
DUNE is the only planned long baseline experiment which will be completely sensitive to the 3 neutrino flavors phenomenology, being capable of detecting also tau neutrinos, a major opportunity for the community. Some O(100-1000) tau neutrino events are expected during the runtime experiment (this numbers currently stands at O(20)). In contrast to the other flavors, tau neutrinos will be much more challenging to identify.
I will present the analysis I developed, which aims at identifying the tau neutrino flavor for the DUNE experiment, exploiting the kinematics of the neutrino events.

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