LIO international conference on Composite connections of Higgs, Dark Matter and Neutrinos

from Sunday, 20 September 2020 (10:00) to Friday, 25 September 2020 (18:00)
webcast and IP2I (web/Amphi Dirac)

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21 Sep 2020
22 Sep 2020
23 Sep 2020
24 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020
09:00 Higgs as inflaton, source of dark matter and Baryon of the universe - Seongchan Park   (web/Amphi Dirac)
09:45 Colored pNGBs in composite Higgs models (and how to find them) - Thomas Flacke   (web/Amphi Dirac)
10:30 Leptonic New Force and Cosmic-ray Boosted Dark Matter for the XENON1T Excess - Yongsoo Jho   (web/Amphi Dirac)
10:45 Primordial Black Holes in Higgs-R2 Inflation - Dhong Yeon Cheong   (web/Amphi Dirac)
11:00 Minimal Spontaneous Leptogenesis in Reheating of Higgs Inflation - Sung Mook Lee   (web/Amphi Dirac)
11:30 Natural Composite Higgs, Top Partners, and Flavor - Florian Goertz   (web/Amphi Dirac)
09:00 Dilaton Portal Dark Matter - Seung Joon Lee   (web/Amphi Dirac)
10:00 Composite Higgs and Dark Matter - Haiying Cai   (web/Amphi Dirac)
11:00 Higgs boson emerging from the dark - Mads Frandsen   (web/Amphi Dirac)
11:30 Loop-Generated Neutrino Masses in Composite Higgs Models - Martin Rosenlyst   (web/Amphi Dirac)
09:00 Sp(4) gauge theories for BSM models on the lattice: strategies, opportunities and challenges - David Lin   (web/Amphi Dirac)
10:00 Sp(4) gauge theories for BSM models on the lattice: towards composite Higgs and dark matter - Jong-Wan Lee   (web/Amphi Dirac)
11:00 What the lattice can say about models for composite Higgs and top - Benjamin Svetitsky   (web/Amphi Dirac)
09:00 Toward understanding the phase structure of the fundamental composite Higgs model - Michio Hashimoto   (web/Amphi Dirac)
09:45 New composite Higgs models and neutral natureness - Jing Shu   (web/Amphi Dirac)
10:30 Partial Compositeness from Partial Unification - Chen Zhang   (web/Amphi Dirac)
11:15 Holographic models of composite Higgs in the Veneziano limit - Michele Frigerio   (web/Amphi Dirac)
09:00 The pNGB zoo - Gabriele Ferretti   (web/Amphi Dirac)
10:00 Pseudoscalar pair production via off-shell Higgs in composite Higgs models - Diogo Buarque Franzosi   (web/Amphi Dirac)
11:00 Di-Higgs production at Photon Collider in composite models - Naveen Gaur   (web/Amphi Dirac)
12:00 Non-minimal composite dark matter - Maria Ramos   (web/Amphi Dirac)
12:00 Dark Matter from 't Hooft anomaly matching - Michele Redi   (web/Amphi Dirac)
12:00 Must chiral symmetry be broken in strongly coupled QCD-like theories? - Ling-Xiao Xu   (web/Amphi Dirac)
12:00 Towards Decoding the nature of Dark Matter - Alexander Belyaev (Southampton University)   (web/Amphi Dirac)