WP5 ESAP Focus Months



Zheng Meyer-Zhao (ASTRON)
The goal of this event is to engage all WP5 developers to integrate the ESAP services they are working on to make the ESAP prototype ready in September. The services are, for example,

* Integration of RUCIO with ESAP Application Programming Interface (API) Gateway using RUCIO REST API to demonstrate data staging
* Searching for VO-enabled data through ESAP User Interface (UI)
* Integration with interactive data analysis tools, such as start Jupyter notebook in a cloud environment
* Integration with HPC and HTC infrastructures
* Integration with DIRAC workload management system

After the Focus Months, a first release of the ESAP minimum prototype will be available to try out to integrate other services into ESAP.
We will form a working group for each of the above mentioned services. Partners are free to participate in one or more working groups.
Current working group and participating institutes:
Working group Participating Institutes
Data discovery UI and IVOA ASTRON, UEDIN, CSIC, Paris Observatory, UCM, CTA 
Interactive analysis (Jupyter Notebooks on clusters) UEDIN, SKAO, CSIC, INAF, RuG, Paris Observatory, FAIR, CTA, ASTRON
Batch processing (HPC/HTC)  INAF, EGO, RuG, CTA, ASTRON

AAI aspects will be covered by most of the working groups, therefore, we are not having a separate working group for this.

Please email Zheng Meyer-Zhao (meyer@astron.nl) which working group you would like to participate in.


ESAP Backend: https://git.astron.nl/astron-sdc/esap-api-gateway

ESAP Backend Technology: Django & Django REST Framework

ESAP Frontend: https://git.astron.nl/astron-sdc/esap-gui

ESAP Frontend Technology: ReactJS

ESCAPE WP5 Detailed Project Plan: https://projectescape.eu/sites/default/files/WP5%20D5.2.pdf

  • Communication tool
  • Working group lead
    • Rucio working group: CERN
    • Data discovery UI and IVOA working group: ASTRON
    • Interactive analysis working group: UEDIN
    • Batch processing working group: INAF
    • DIRAC working group: CTA
  • Regular meeting planning per working group (cannot overlap with each other)
    • Weekly 30 min. meeting (time to be decided by the working group)
  • Code review & commit
    • Each working group works on a separate branch of esap-api-gateway
    • In principle, each working group only works on topic-specific django application, e.g. query or rucio
    • Code needs to be reviewed within the working group before submmitting merge request to the master branch
  • Catherine Boisson
  • Daniel Nieto
  • Dave Morris
  • Gareth Hughes
  • Hendrik Heinl
  • James Collinson
  • Jose Luis Contreras González
  • Jutta Schnabel
  • Kilian Schwarz
  • Maisam M. Dadkan
  • Mathieu Servillat
  • Matthias Fuessling
  • Matthieu Baumann
  • Nico Vermaas
  • Raffaele Grosso
  • Rohini Joshi
  • Sara Bertocco
  • Stefano Alberto Russo
  • Stelios Voutsinas
  • Susana Sánchez Expósito
  • Thomas Boch
  • Yan Grange
  • Zheng Meyer-Zhao
  • Tuesday, 30 June
    • 13:30 14:30
      Code base introduction 1h
      • Structure
      • Query
      • Accounts
      • Rucio
      • ....
    • 14:30 14:40
      Break 10m
    • 14:40 15:40
      Use cases 1h
      • IVOA registry data discovery interface
      • ESFRI use cases
    • 15:40 15:50
      Break 10m
    • 15:50 16:30
      Discussion 40m
      • communication tool
      • identify working group lead
      • Meeting planning per working group
      • code review and commit